How to Use Multiple Signatures

You can use multiple signatures in Microsoft Outlook, when you Outlook 2007 or newer or use Word as your editor in Outlook 2003. Methods vary for older versions.

Error: Interface Not Registered

When using Outlook to send email errors may occur, including: Can not send email directly from Word or Excel Attaching a document into a new message results in error message of “Word unspecified error” or “interface not registered error 0x80040155” To fix: Close all office applications and go to Start menu, Run (or use Windows  

Create Envelopes and Letters using Word

With previous versions of Microsoft Outlook you could select a contact, then choose Actions, New letter to contact to create a letter or envelope from a contact. For various reasons, this feature was removed from Outlook 2007. While you could use Mail Merge, its overkill for a single letter or envelope. Instead, use the Address  

Link a Journal Entry for a Word or Excel Document to a Contact

Outlook tracks Office documents automatically (if you set up the Journal options that way), but does not associate documents with particular contacts. Try creating a journal entry for the contact first, by dragging the contact to the Journal folder or icon. Then use the Insert | File command to insert a shortcut to the document.