How to Create a Unified Inbox View

How to use create a Unified Inbox filter in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 using VBA and a search query. Turn any frequently used search into a macro.

SharePoint and Outlook 2011 for Mac

SharePoint Calendars won't connect to Outlook 2011 for Mac. The error message: This control is currently disabled. You might not have the right permission level to use this, you might need to select an object or item, or the control might not work in this context.

Assign an Email Account to an Outlook Contact

A popular request is the ability to assign a Microsoft Outlook account to a contact, so every time you send a message to that contact, Outlook uses the desired account automatically. Unfortunately, Outlook doesn't have this feature, but you can use VBA to pick the account that will be used to send the message.