Send an email to attendees who have not responded

A common question is how to send a message only to meeting invitees who have no yet responded to the meeting request. While Outlook doesn't include this feature, you can easily do this using VBA.

VBA: No attachments to CC'd recipients

Use this macro to send an attachment to email addresses in the To line and CC others with just the message and a list of attachments, and the To: recipients.

Stop accidentally sending messages in Outlook

If you're accidentally sending messages using other keys there are a couple of other workarounds you can use to stop the message from being sent. One method you can is to type random characters in the CC field so the "address" won't resolve. This stops the send and brings up the Check names dialog, which  

Send using Ctrl+Enter

Most of the questions I get about using Ctrl+Enter to send email are about how to turn the feature off, as many people don't like it and accidentally hit it, a user wanted to know how to show the warning dialog after telling Outlook not to show it: I turned off (permanently) the ctrl-enter to