Outlook downloads mail slow in Windows 8

I'm seeing reports that Outlook installed on Windows 8 is very slow to send and receive. It's fine when the computer is first booted, but after several hours it slows appreciably. The cause: antivirus scanning email. Disabling the outbound scan and any Outlook add-ins installed by the antivirus software will solve the problem. Along with  

Set a default 'Do not Deliver before' time

Microsoft Outlook's "Do not deliver before" time defaults to 5 PM and the default cannot be changed. If you always use a different deferral time, you can use a macro to open a new message and set the "Do not deliver before" time automatically.

Use VBA to initiate a Send/Receive for a specific account

Is it possible to create a toolbar button that would execute Send/Receive on one specific mail account only? I have send/receive groups, and the pull-down button for all accounts from the toolbar, but that involves some menu-wading. You can use Outlook's SyncObjects property in a macro to trigger a send and receive for a specific Send/Receive Group or Account.

Email Error code: 0x800CC80

When Outlook won't send email and returns error code 0x800CC80, the cause is incorrect outgoing server settings. I'll show you what to check and how to fix it.

Create a custom Send to... shortcut

How to create your own send to shortcut that uses your Outlook stationery and signature. Customize the shortcuts to include the email addresses and more.

Two Copies of Sent Messages in Outlook

When you use an IMAP and configure Outlook to save sent items in the IMAP account's sent folder, you may have two copies of your sent items. How to change your Outlook settings to prevent this.

Outlook is sending unknown messages

We're seeing reports from users that suspect Outlook is sending spam. Some users think it means that their computer is infected with an previously unknown spambot, it's not. It's a bug in how Outlook 2007 responds to Read Receipt Requests for Junk Email I recently found something terrible in my system. Special types of spam