Use VBA to create an Outlook search folder using the selected message

How to use VBA to create a search folder for the sender's address from a selected message. VBA code sample included.

Count Received Emails

“How do I get the total number of emails I receive at a daily level? I see the number of email in my inbox, and the number of unread emails, but I want to know the number of emails I received yesterday.“ This is actually very easy to do: create a Search Folder that looks  

How to Restore a Search Folder You Accidentally Deleted

Restoring a search folder you accidentally deleted is very easy. Scroll down to the end of the folder list to the "Search Folders" folder. Right click on Search Folders Choose New Search folder from the menu Select the type of Search folder from the predefined list. Click OK to go back to Outlook. To add  

Using Query Builder

Using Query Builder

Using Outlook's Query Builder in filters and search folders allows you to use the OR operator in your query.