Schedule Management Tools for Outlook Calendar

This is a collection of schedule management tools for the Microsoft Outlook Calendar folder. This included utilities to help manage conference rooms and other resources, adding workflow, resource balancing, catering requests, etc. More Information Additional Calendar Tools Microsoft Outlook Calendar Issues Synchronize mailbox and Public Folders — includes tools to copy appointments from public to mailbox  

"Live" Group Calendar Tools

The tools on this page support "live" calendaring - changes to calendars are updated in real time. In some cases, the calendar is displayed in a web browser (which can be viewed from anywhere) and others display the calendars in Outlook or in their own application.

Scheduling Resources for Outlook

If you have resources, such as conference rooms, that you want users to be able to book as they invite people to meetings, you can use several possible methods: Maintain the resource as an Exchange Server mailbox and … … use a server-based script or event sink to accept bookings, or … set it up