'Have server reply' rule is not using 'reply-to' address

The question came from an Outlook user: We want to use a "Have server reply rule" to send an automated reply to people who send us a message using our web form. When the rule runs, Outlook is replying to the From address (our web server), not the Reply to address (the person who filled  

Using Rules Wizard

The Rules Wizard for Microsoft Outlook automatically processes both incoming and outgoing messages. You set conditions similar to those used for Microsoft Outlook filters, then indicate what action(s) you want to be performed on messages that meet those conditions. Rules in the Rules Wizard apply to only to mail at the time its downloaded. They  

Autoaccept a Meeting Request using Rules

Use Outlook's Rules Wizard and a Run a Script rule to autoaccept (or decline) meeting requests in Microsoft Outlook. Includes a version that checks your Free/Busy status before accepting (or declining).

Create a rule to search for two different phrases in a message

Direct support for this kind of rule was added in Outlook 2000 and is available in all later versions of Outlook. In Outlook 97 and Outlook 98, it requires two rules. Let's say you want to move all messages that contain either "Microsoft Exchange" or "Microsoft Outlook" to a folder named Exchange/Outlook. First, create a  

Filter messages forwarded from another user's mailbox

If you connect to Microsoft Exchange Server and are receiving mail sent to more than one address (for example, both to your own mailbox and to a staff member that you're covering for while she's on maternity leave), you will probably want to set up a rule to route the other person's mail into a  

Create rules to sort messages by email account

Microsoft Outlook contains a rule condition you can use to sort mail received from multiple email accounts. Use the condition "through specified account", select the account and complete the rule.