To rename Outlook's default folders

How to use MFCMAPI to rename default Outlook folders. You can use this method to delete the [1] added to calendar folders created in and synced to Outlook.

Missing Outlook data files after upgrading Windows?

If you upgraded to Windows 8 and can't find your data files, the news is good. In all likelihood, the data files aren't missing. When Windows 8 upgrades your computer, it creates a folder called "windows.old" and it contains all of the files used by the previous Windows installation, including your user account files.

3 Ways to Run PST Recovery (and a Better Alternative)

Why do organizations need to run a PST recovery? Is it because users love to save so much email that their PST files exceed all reasonable storage limits and then blow up – putting hundreds or thousands of business critical emails at risk? Or is it because they try to store these enormous PSTs on  

How to solve the PST Backup headache

PST backup is a time-consuming task (and a headache) that admins would love to avoid; yet if users need to move the email in their inbox to a PST file – PST backup is needed. Emails with important company information can end up buried within these files – records that can be critically important for  

How to Compact the Data File When you Close Outlook

It’s possible to configure Outlook to automatically compact the pst every time you close Outlook. This can be useful to users who deal with sensitive data and need to ensure messages can’t be recovered as compacting removes all traces of deleted messages, making it impossible to recover the mail.