Use one Start and End time for all Outlook Appointments

How to create a custom form that has a preset start and end time by adding add a little VBScript then publish the form. You can then either set the form as your default appointment form or select it from the New Items menu.

Assign an Email Account to an Outlook Contact

A popular request is the ability to assign a Microsoft Outlook account to a contact, so every time you send a message to that contact, Outlook uses the desired account automatically. Unfortunately, Outlook doesn't have this feature, but you can use VBA to pick the account that will be used to send the message.

Embedded Objects are Blocked in Outlook Tasks

How to avoid the error message: "Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments" after inserting objects into Outlook Tasks or using Word's Create Outlook Task command.

How to print a list of recurring dates using VBA

A favorite request is the ability to see what dates a recurring appointment or meeting is scheduled for. You can use VBA to create a list of all dates in an recurring appointment or meeting.