How to set a flag to follow up using VBA

You can edit the Flag to Follow up field text each time you flag a message, but you can't save the changes permanently, or even temporarily in an MRU list. However, you can use VBA to set flags, which will allow you to save custom Flag to text, as well as custom reminder times and start or due dates.

Use RegEx to extract text from an Outlook email message

Getting text out of a message body isn't as hard as it sounds, provided there is something in the body to search on. For example, if you are looking for a tracking code in an email and it's always identified as "Tracking code:" , you can use VB functions or RegEx to get the string.

VBA: No attachments to CC'd recipients

Use this macro to send an attachment to email addresses in the To line and CC others with just the message and a list of attachments, and the To: recipients.

New message to selected contacts using the BCC field

Use this macro to send an email message to the selected contacts. While you can use the Email button (Actions or Create > New Email Message to Contacts in older versions) to address the message to the selected contacts, the addresses are placed in the To field. You need to select all, copy and paste to move them to the BCC field.