Outlook and iCloud Sync Issues

We're seeing a lot of questions (and complaints) about the new iCloud service and Outlook integration. Users with POP3 accounts seem to have the most problems (but could benefit the most from iCloud), since the data is local to one computer and iCloud moves it all into the cloud. We have solutions to many of the problems.

Birthdays recur every 12 Years

In this calendar sync bug, All Day events that recur yearly are changed to recur every 12 years. This bug first appeared with the release of Office 2007 SP2 and affects devices that sync with Outlook 2007 using ActiveSync. It may only affect users who sync their device between two different computers. The problem is  

iPhone, Outlook, and Disappearing Appointments

A hotfix for Exchange server is available. See the following KB article for more information. Note: your Exchange administrator will need to install this update on the Exchange server. Some recurring calendar items disappear from the "Day/Week/Month" view in Outlook when a user uses Exchange ActiveSync on a mobile device to modify a recurring meeting  

iPhone and the Meeting Request Bug

We're seeing complaints that Outlook automatically sends meeting updates to the attendees several times a day. When users delete the responses from their inbox it triggers another update to attendees. The good news: it’s not user error. The bad news: it appears to be a problem only for people who sync iPhones with Exchange. The  

Bug: Attendee is now the Meeting Organizer

We're seeing more complaints like this: A user was invited to a meeting but the meeting is showing on her calendar with her as the organizer when in fact the organizer is someone else. Users may unexpectedly become the organizer for a meeting that they were invited to. This does not change the meeting for  

Outlook Sync Client Error

We're seeing users complain about an error message popping up on the computer screen. The error dialog doesn't contain much information about the program or the cause. Others receive an error "OutlookSyncClient has stopped working." The Outlook Sync Client is used to sync iPhone, iPod and iTouch with Outlook. This error generally means there is