Red X's in Email Messages

If you have red x's in your Microsoft Outlook email instead of images and are allowing automatic download of images, you need to delete files from the SecureTemp folder.

Adding an Image to a Signature

While it's often useful to link to an image, note that thanks to the security features in Outlook and many other email clients, users may choose to not download your image. For this reason, we recommend using the default setting to send embedded images. This will insure they see your images. Also note that you're  

View Attached Images in the Message, not as Attachments

Outlook Express displays image attachments at the bottom of the message and many users miss it when they switch to Outlook, because it doesn't support viewing images inline, and you need to open each image to view it. By design, Outlook only shows images "inline" (in the message body) when the message is sent using