Transfer POP3 Mail on an iPhone to Outlook

This question came from an Outlook & iPhone user. The user wants to upgrade her phone and her small business is considering moving to Office 365. I have an iPhone 5. I use Outlook on a Windows computer without Exchange. I'm replacing my phone and need to preserve my sent messages for my business from  

Outlook crashes when syncing iCloud calendars

Following the release of the November update for Outlook, users are reporting that Outlook crashes when an iCloud calendar is subscribed as an Internet Calendar. (Calendars synced using the iCloud addin are not affected by this bug.) The cause: the iCloud sends a gzip encoded response but Outlook is not expecting gzip. Outlook tries to  

iCloud and Outlook Repair Now error

Outlook and iCloud error: "We're sorry but Microsoft Office has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Microsoft Office will need to be closed as a result."

Outlook and iCloud: default data files

New for iCloud v.2 released September 2012: the ability to set the iCloud data file as the default data file if you use a POP3 account as your default email account. Unfortunately this doesn't work if an IMAP account is the default account.

Issues Syncing Outlook and iCloud Contacts

Answers for frequently asked questions from users trying to make Outlook's Contacts sync with the iCloud Contact folder. How to show icloud contacts first, how to save new contacts to the icloud folder by default.