How to Upgrade to Color Categories

After upgrading to Outlook 2013, 2010, or 2007, users need to convert categories to color categories to add their categories to the master category list.

How to Restore a Search Folder You Accidentally Deleted

Restoring a search folder you accidentally deleted is very easy. Scroll down to the end of the folder list to the "Search Folders" folder. Right click on Search Folders Choose New Search folder from the menu Select the type of Search folder from the predefined list. Click OK to go back to Outlook. To add  

To Add Color Coding to Calendar items

Many people want to be able to color-code their Outlook calendars to distinguish between business and personal appointments, for example. Having been on the wish list for years, this feature finally arrives in Outlook 2002 in the form of Labels and Outlook 2007 adds colors to categories. See Understanding Outlook's Calendar patchwork colors for display  

Tips and tricks for managing *.PST files

Many users have Outlook configured to use a Personal Folders file (PST) rather than an Exchange server mailbox. While anyone using a POP3, IMAP, or SharePoint links must use a PST, many Exchange server users choose a PST for various reasons, most often because they have a very small mailbox quota. While PST usage with  

View more than 30 Calendars in Outlook

When you attempt to view more than 30 calendars in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, you'll receive an error message alerting you to a limit of 30 calendars. The number of calendars is limited to 30 by default but can be raised by multiples of 10. Open the registry editor by pressing Windows key +