Assign an Email Account to an Outlook Contact

A popular request is the ability to assign a Microsoft Outlook account to a contact, so every time you send a message to that contact, Outlook uses the desired account automatically. Unfortunately, Outlook doesn't have this feature, but you can use VBA to pick the account that will be used to send the message.

Too Many Navigation Pane Folders? Hide Them!

The most annoying problem with multiple Exchange accounts in an Outlook 2010 profile is the ridiculous number of calendar and contact folders cluttering up the navigation pane. There are ways to deal with the extra folders.

Error: Serious error while processing CREATE (MsLimitNumFolders (74/76))

You receive this error message when you attempt to create new folders in your mailbox: "Cannot create the folder. The server responded: Serious error while processing CREATE (MsLimitNumFolders (74/76))" As the error message reads, you have hit the server limit for creating new folders. This is a limitation of some IMAP servers. Most of the  

How to create a "No Mail" profile

Not every Outlook user wants an email account in Outlook, they just want to use Outlook for Calendar and Contacts. This is possible and in older versions of Outlook, it was offered as an option. To create a no mail account in newer versions, all you need to do is cancel the dialog when it  

Create a Template With the Account Selected

It is possible to create a template and choose one of your accounts as the sending account. Begin by opening an Outlook form. If you use Word as your editor, you'll need to open an Outlook form using Actions, New Mail Using, Microsoft Office Outlook (HTML) or disable Word as the editor in Tools, Options,  

Configuring Hotmail, Live, or MSN accounts in Microsoft Outlook

Currently (since September 2009), users can access Hotmail one of two ways in Outlook: using POP3 or using the Outlook Hotmail connector. The Outlook Hotmail Connector is supported in Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 only and syncs Hotmail Calendar and Contacts to your local machine. Links to the current version of the Hotmail Connector are  

Internet Mail Issues with Outlook

We'll be adding more issues to this page for Outlook users who send and receive mail via the Internet, with links both to the Microsoft Knowledgebase (MSKB) and to other Slipstick articles. Outlook 2002 adds support for HTTP (web-based) mail accounts, but so far works only with Hotmail and MSN and with Exchange Server 2000.  

Are You Considering Hosted Exchange?

Outlook, paired with Exchange Server, has vastly more features than Gmail and other email services, especially considering there are hundreds of 3rd party add-ins available. (Most of these add-ins are listed in the Tools section on many of the pages within our site.) You can read your email from anywhere, using a webmail interface looks