Understanding Outlook and Live Mail "Categories"

I've had a few questions about categories in Office Live Mail accounts not syncing to Outlook using the Outlook connector. This isn't a problem with Outlook or the connector but rather with the use of the term "Category" in Hotmail/Live accounts. Hotmail lets you assign contacts to categories; Outlook lets you assign categories to contacts.  

Using Large Distribution Lists

My mail provider allows me to use distribution lists with up to 500 members but when I use Outlook 2007, I can only send to about 100 people. Is there any way I can send more than 100 emails from distribution list? No, you can't use larger distribution lists with Outlook if Outlook says "No".  

How to Forward a Distribution list

How to forward an Outlook Contact Group (distribution list). When you forward the list in Internet Format, a text file containing a list of members. T he recipient can copy the member list from the text file and create their won contact group.

Using Categories for Dynamic Distribution Lists

To use categories to create a dynamic distribution list, switch to the By Category view then select the category group you want to send a message to. You can use this method to create meeting requests, appointments, task, or journal items. In Outlook 2007 and 2010, to create an appointment linked to a contact or  

Create a Contact Group from a List of Addresses

How to create an Outlook distribution list or contact group from any list of email addresses, including a spreadsheet in Excel or a custom view in Outlook (with only the display name and email address visible.)