Using VBA to Change Business Card Image & Layout

While you can create a custom form that will apply to all new contacts, the business card image on existing contacts won't be updated. This is to preserve any business cards you may have already updated. If you really want to update the business card image on your contacts, you can use VBA to quickly make the change. We have code samples to change both the card image and the layout with BusinessCardLayoutXml.

My Speedy CPAO Modification Method

Editing Calendar Printing Assistant templates is really easy when you use my speedy in-place modification method. Step 1: Set permissions on the Template folder Open the Calendar Printing Assistant template folder. On 64-bit Windows, it's at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Templates, on 32-bit Windows, its at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates. Right click on the Templates folder and  

Outlook Today

The Outlook Today feature in Microsoft Outlook is a Web-like view of your upcoming appointments and current tasks, plus the status of key e-mail folders. You can also use it to search for someone in your Contacts folder. What's really nice about Outlook Today is the way it organizes all this information in one location,  

Using Custom Business Cards

While you can't the business card layout used by existing contacts, other than by editing each contact, you can change the default which is used for new contacts by creating a custom contact form with the desired business card layout and publish it. Set it as the default Contacts form for new Contacts. Create a  

How to create New Folders in Outlook

It's easy to add more folders to Outlook – right click on any folder and choose New Folder. You can change the folder type, if necessary, and change where the folder will be placed. You can put folders in the "root", along with the Inbox, Calendar, Contacts etc, or as a subfolder of any folder