Printing Calendars with Color Categories

Some Outlook 2007 users are having problems printing calendars with the events colored with color categories. In most cases, the problem printer is an HP and its correctly configured to print in color. HP support documents have this to say about the problem: Some or all of my jobs print in monochrome (black) only. How  

Sending Categories on Email Messages

To avoid releasing potentially private information on outgoing email messages, categories are not sent with email in Outlook 2003 and up when you use Exchange server mailboxes. When you use categories with internal codes or potentially embarrassing keywords, the recipient will not see them. This does not apply to POP3 or IMAP accounts. The Category  

Categories vs. Multiple Contacts Folders

You'll find some debate over which method is better for managing different types of contacts — have more than one Contacts folder (Personal, Business, etc.) or use one Contacts folder with categories. There are pluses and minuses for both. Personally, I use a combination. I have a couple of separate Contacts folders that use special  

Outlook Categories and Color Categories

This page sums up a few things I've learned about Outlook categories and color categories, with suggestions for using and managing categories along with troubleshooting tips. Outlook has always supported categories; through Outlook 2003, they were simply Categories. Outlook 2007 introduced Color Categories by merging the short-lived colored flags with categories.