Categorize Contacts with bad addresses

Outlook doesn't have an automated method for assigning categories or deleting contacts that contain bad addresses, but you can use VBA to assign categories or delete the contacts.

Understanding Outlook and Live Mail "Categories"

I've had a few questions about categories in Office Live Mail accounts not syncing to Outlook using the Outlook connector. This isn't a problem with Outlook or the connector but rather with the use of the term "Category" in Hotmail/Live accounts. Hotmail lets you assign contacts to categories; Outlook lets you assign categories to contacts.  

How to Upgrade to Color Categories

After upgrading to Outlook 2013, 2010, or 2007, users need to convert categories to color categories to add their categories to the master category list.

To Add Color Coding to Calendar items

Many people want to be able to color-code their Outlook calendars to distinguish between business and personal appointments, for example. Having been on the wish list for years, this feature finally arrives in Outlook 2002 in the form of Labels and Outlook 2007 adds colors to categories. See Understanding Outlook's Calendar patchwork colors for display  

To set up Outlook Subcategories

You can supplement Microsoft Outlook's built-in Categories field with your own Subcategory field, or use a category naming convention to allow you to better organize and group "subcategories" together. Method #1 | Method #2 | Method #3 | More Information Method 1 – Custom Keyword field Add a new Subcategory field to a folder like  

Outlook Categories, Flags, and IMAP Accounts

Categories and flags are not available in all of my folders in Microsoft Outlook. I can use categories and flags on mail in my POP3 account but categories are not available in my IMAP account and flags are limited to one flag, no reminder. Why? The IMAP protocol doesn't support the Category and Flag properties