To change the hourly interval in Outlook

Outlook's calendar supports multiple time scales, from 5 minutes to 1 hour. While you can't make your own interval, you can change the scale to one more suitable for your needs.

To Add Color Coding to Calendar items

Many people want to be able to color-code their Outlook calendars to distinguish between business and personal appointments, for example. Having been on the wish list for years, this feature finally arrives in Outlook 2002 in the form of Labels and Outlook 2007 adds colors to categories. See Understanding Outlook's Calendar patchwork colors for display  

Show Separate Business and Personal Calendars

There's a simple solution for all versions of Microsoft Outlook, thanks to Richard S. Champlin: Add two categories — Personal and Business work fine — and apply one or the other to each of your appointments. Create two filters for the Calendar folder, one to show only the Personal category, the other displaying only the  

Display Weekday Names in a Weekly Calendar View

Microsoft Outlook uses the Windows "long" date format to control some date formatting in the Calendar and Tasks. When the date format used in Outlook is not the desired date format, you can change it in the Control Panel, Regional settings. If the screen width is too small to fit the date format, Outlook drops