Monthly Calendar Printing Bug when Starting the Week on Monday

Starting the week on Monday is the cause of this new printing bug. An Outlook 2010 user wanted to print a calendar using the options to print exactly one month per page and to print only the weekdays (Monday - Friday) but with September 2012, the printout included only the first 3 weeks – the  

Using and Editing the My Outlook Calendar Template

My Outlook Calendar template is an excellent Word template that reads your Outlook calendar and creates a really nice calendar which you can doctor up with fancy fonts, colors or background images before printing. It can be sent to others as a Word document (or print it as a PDF before sending). You can even  

More CPAO Template Modifications

Remove location field from appointments Jason wanted to know how to remove the Location field on meetings is not displayed. To remove the location from the printed calendar, you need to remove (or comment out) two lines in the content.xml code: and in place of the CompactList line, add the sources: You'll use this method  

Calendar Printing Assistant Shows Duplicate Entries

Entries on a shared calendar print in duplicate when printed using the Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook and the shared calendar does not have duplicate entries when viewed from Outlook. This is the result of permissions issues.

Printing Calendars with Color Categories

Some Outlook 2007 users are having problems printing calendars with the events colored with color categories. In most cases, the problem printer is an HP and its correctly configured to print in color. HP support documents have this to say about the problem: Some or all of my jobs print in monochrome (black) only. How  

How to Print a 15 Minute Calendar

We're seeing a lot of questions concerning the apparent inability of Outlook 2007 to print 15 calendars: "I want to print my calendars out with 15 min increments. Default is 30 min increments. Can someone tell me how to change this. I could do it in outlook 2003, but 2007 is not allowing this." This