Create a List of Meeting Attendees and Responses

How to get a list of Outlook Meeting attendees and their responses using VBA. This code sample gets the appointment details and attendees (along with their responses) and inserts it into a new Outlook message form, which you can print, send or copy the data fir use in other applications.

How to print a list of recurring dates using VBA

A favorite request is the ability to see what dates a recurring appointment or meeting is scheduled for. You can use VBA to create a list of all dates in an recurring appointment or meeting.

Keep Canceled Meetings on Outlook's Calendar

There are two methods you can use to keep canceled meetings on your calendar: keep the cancellation notice or use a Run a Script rule to create an appointment using using the meeting details. Code sample included.

Changing the End Date on Recurring Appointments

How to end a recurring appointment or cancel future events in a recurring meeting and keep any exceptions (including notes in individual occurrences or appointments/meetings moved to different dates).

How to Show Appointments as "Free" by Default

Do you want most of your new appointments to use Free (or Tentative or Out of Office) as the default for the "Show as time" instead of Busy? Outlook doesn't have an option to set the "Show time as" default but you can create a custom appointment form with "Show time as" set to Free,  

How to View the Organizers of Your Appointments

A frequent equest is "How do I see who organized these meetings?" Easy: use a custom view that includes the organizer field. If you need to see the organizer for just one item in Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, the organizer is displayed on the appointment in Calendar view. The Organizer's name, along with the