Using VBA to Change Business Card Image & Layout

While you can create a custom form that will apply to all new contacts, the business card image on existing contacts won't be updated. This is to preserve any business cards you may have already updated. If you really want to update the business card image on your contacts, you can use VBA to quickly make the change. We have code samples to change both the card image and the layout with BusinessCardLayoutXml.

Why is there a leading dash in the business card view?

Outlook users are a great source of interesting and unusual problems to solve, like the problem in this question: "Some of my contacts have a dash (-) showing in the business card title bar. Because it is leading, it is alphabetizing the contacts using the dash first. That messes everything up. There is no dash  

Changing Outlook's Business Card layout

An often asked question about Microsoft Outlook 2007 & 2010's Business card layout is how to change it for all contacts. While you can't globally change existing contacts directly, you can change the default which is used for new contacts by creating a custom contact form with the desired business card layout and publish it.