Where is the Organizer?

Use the View Settings dialog to apply conditional formatting rules to messages in Outlook 2010 and above. In older versions, it's the Customize view dialog or Organize pane.

Apostrophe & quotation marks are inserted with extra spaces

Every so often we see a question from someone asking why Outlook adds an extra space following apostrophes. This isn’t an Outlook problem, but it is a sign we spend too much time in Outlook… This is caused by Contextual spelling in Office and using French language settings (If you aren't using French language settings  

Help! Outlook is automatically underlining words

This is really a Word problem, but since Word is the new Outlook email editor, its worth mentioning this handy (and sometimes annoying) feature. A user asked: Typing ==== and then hitting return, Outlook puts in a double line. This line cannot be selected, formatted, or deleted. Turning borders off moves the line. Selecting all