Change Appointments macro

Use a macro to make changes to Outlook Appointments in bulk. Use this method to delete appointments in bulk.

Create Appointments Using Spreadsheet Data

Use an Excel macro to create appointments in subcalendars in Outlook. To use, type the appointment data, including the calendar name, into the spreadsheet then run the macro. The macro creates appointments in the correct calendar folder.

Calendar Reminders are missing in Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 doesn't set a reminder when you open a new appointment form by double clicking on a date in the monthly calendar. Until Microsoft fixes this, you can use a macro to set the reminder.

Create tasks for and a second Tasks folder

This VBA code sample is the result of a discussion in the Microsoft Answers forum. Because of recent changes at, tasks, appointments, and contacts do not support attachments. You can add attachments to the items in Outlook 2013, but the attachments are hidden.