Move Appointments to an Archive Calendar

This code removes the reminder and categories and moves the appointment to a calendar in an archive folder or a subfolder under the calendar. Petros asked I want to be able to do 3 things with just one click of a button: With a Calendar event selected, I want to: 1) Erase any Reminder (set  

Use one Start and End time for all Outlook Appointments

How to create a custom form that has a preset start and end time by adding add a little VBScript then publish the form. You can then either set the form as your default appointment form or select it from the New Items menu.

How to Show Appointments as "Free" by Default

Do you want most of your new appointments to use Free (or Tentative or Out of Office) as the default for the "Show as time" instead of Busy? Outlook doesn't have an option to set the "Show time as" default but you can create a custom appointment form with "Show time as" set to Free,  

Create a New Appointment with Contact

In older versions of Outlook, you could right click on a contact and choose "New Appointment with contact" to create an appointment linked to the contact. This command was removed from Outlook 2007 and up but you can still create an appointment with a contact using the Meeting with contact command then canceling the meeting.