Hotmail and MSN Access Denied?

Last reviewed on February 21, 2014

January 25 2013: there is an issue with Hotmail accounts and users are receiving an Access Denied error messages.

You don’t have permission to access “/D/864/193170/000/sslcachekey.bayw.mail.″ on this server.

Microsoft is investigating. Some users have had success by changing their network card’s DNS settings, while others just waited a couple of hours and it went away. If you want to try changing your DNS settings, use Google’s DNS servers: and

Problem: If you have an MSN or Hotmail account and are suddenly getting ‘access denied’ errors when you try to download mail through Outlook you probably missed the announcement that access using the HTTP protocol was going to end for good on Sept 1, 2009.

Task 'Hotmail: Folder:Inbox Synchronizing headers.' reported error (0x800CCC33) : 'Access to the account was denied. Verify that your username and password are correct. The server responded 'Forbidden'.

From now on out users will need to use either the Outlook Connector or POP3/SMTP.

Note: you need to install the connector and configure your account.

All versions of Outlook (and any email program that supports POP3) can use POP3. Be sure to set Outlook to leave mail on the server if you also use the web interface to view mail or it will be removed from the server once Outlook downloads it.

Using the Outlook Connector

After you download the Outlook Connector (links to newest version are in the sidebar), close Outlook (if open) and install the connector. Go to Control panel, Mail and open your profile and delete the HTTP account. Create a new account using the Connector – in the Add account dialog, choose Additional server types then choose the Outlook connector from the list. (It may be the only server type in your list.)

The connector uses it's own message store, which can be set as the default message store in Tools, Account settings.

Configuring POP/SMTP

Incoming server name:
Outgoing server:

While setting up the account, click on the More Settings button and on Outgoing Mail Servers tab, select the My server requires authentication box. Most people will need to use the default option of Use same settings as my incoming server.

Click the Advanced tab, and under Server Port Numbers, enter the following information:
• In the Incoming mail (POP3) box, type 995.
• In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) box, type 587.
• Under both Outgoing mail (SMTP) and Incoming mail (POP3), select the ‘requires secure connection (SSL)’ check box. In Outlook 2007, choose Auto; use SSL for Outlook 2003
• Under Delivery, select the Leave a copy of messages on server check box if you want to see your messages when you use Hotmail in a web browser, your mobile phone, or other e-mail programs. By default, Outlook will delete the messages from the Hotmail server when they are downloaded to your computer.

Windows Live Mail client

If you don't want to use POP3 and don't have Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007, you can use the Live Mail client. It's free (and includes a calendar).

You can download it from

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