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The next question came from a user who wanted to hide Read Receipts in the conversation view.

My receipts show up in conversation view, making the view crowded and un-useful. My received and read receipts are filtered to a Receipts folder. Is there a way to display conversation emails from all folders but exclude either the Receipts folder, or exclude all Read and Received receipt emails?

Sure. You can create a custom view that hides the receipts. Use Message Class doesn't contain report in the Advanced Filter.

To hide Read Receipts and Non-Delivery Reports from the view in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013:

  1. Click View Settings on the View tab
  2. Click Filter
  3. Switch to the Advanced tab
  4. Type Message Class in the Field or select it from the Field > All Mail Fields menu
  5. Create a filter for read receipts

  6. Select Doesn't contain as the Condition
  7. Type report as the value.

Apply the filter and receipts are removed from the view. Note: In some cases, when you click on a conversation, the receipts and NDRs may be visible in the conversation, but will disappear when you select a new conversation.

Read receipts filtered out    No filter enabled

The steps are similar for other versions of Outlook, once you open the Customize view dialog.

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