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Office XP Service Pack 1 consolidates the updates that Microsoft has issued for the various Office programs, including Outlook 2002, since the initial release. All future Office XP updates will require that you have SP-1 installed first. For an overview, see:


Installing Office XP Service Pack 1 | For Administrators | New Features | Fixes
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Installing Office XP SP-1

SP-1 updates both Office XP and standalone copies of Outlook 2002 or other Office applications. End users can visit Office Product Updates and let the site analyze your system and suggest the updates you need.

You can also download SP-1 (17.5mb) and run the file after you download it.

For versions localized into languages other than English, see Microsoft Office XP Resource Kit – Localized Tools.

Installation notes:

  • You may be asked to insert your original Office XP CD during the installation of SP-1. If the installation appears to hang, check to see whether the window prompting you for the CD has popped up behind the installation dialog. We’ve had reports of that occurring on Windows XP Pro systems.
  • If you receive an Error 1328 error during installation, this may indicate that your original installation was done from an administrative setup point, so you should not use the download for individual users. Instead, see OFFXP: Error 1328 When You Apply SP-1 to a WorkstationIf that’s not the case, the most likely cause is that you’re trying to update a version of Office that was never officially released; see OFFXP Error 1328 When You Apply Office XP Service Pack 1.
  • If you cannot access your e-mail accounts after installing SP-1, the fault may be not with Office but with ZoneAlarm or another personal firewall. Try shutting down the firewall (right-click the ZoneAlarm icon in the Windows system tray), then restarting it (check Start | Programs). That should be enough for ZoneAlarm to see the change in the version of Outlook (and other programs besides your browser that access the Internet) and prompt you to allow access.Microsoft actually recommends that you uninstall ZoneAlarm before performing the SP-1 upgrade, then reinstall it. While more time consuming, that approach is likely to result in less overall frustration. See OFFXP Cannot Access Internet with ZoneAlarm, Office XP SP-1.
  • Microsoft has a new version of its Windows Installer program. While not required, version 2.0 fixes some bugs and is more reliable than earlier versions. It also may eliminate the need to reboot during the SP-1 setup process.

For Administrators

Download the administrative update from the Microsoft Office XP Resource Kit and follow the instructions there. Also see OFFXP How to Install Public Update to Admin Installations.


New Features

The first three new features for Outlook are more or less security-related. The last one appears to provide a way to get Outlook to reload a custom form from its original location when Outlook encounters a forms cache problem.


SP-1 provides general performance improvements and greater stability. The error reporting tool built into Office has provided Microsoft with a vast amount of data on Office application crashes. SP-1 apparently resolves a lot of those issues.





Configuration and Connectivity



SP-1 also adds three file extensions to the blocked list — .mdt, .mdw, and .ops.

Programming/Design Issues




After you install SP-1, Help | About Microsoft Outlook will show the version as Microsoft Outlook 2002 (10.3513.3501) SP-1.

If you are using Outlook with a Microsoft Network (MSN) mail account, you will need to edit the account properties. While fixing a password problem, Microsoft made accounts that use the MSN/ prefix for the user name inoperative. You’ll have to fix the user name yourself. See OL2002 Cannot Connect to MSN POP3 Servers After Upgrade to SP-1.

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