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Error 1133

To fix Hotmail Connector error 1133 you need to close Outlook and delete or rename the Hotmail data file. Open Outlook and let it resync.

In Windows 7/8, you can paste %localappdata%\microsoft\outlook in the address bar of Windows Explorer and press Enter to open the folder where the ost is. In Windows XP, use %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.

Outlook Hotmail Connector send/receive error 4403 or 1133 and prompt to repair synchronization configuration

Error 4102

We're seeing error reports from some users with an Outlook Hotmail Connector in their profile who've set the Connector's message store to be their default delivery location, only to receive error 4102. It's a not widespread error and I'm unable to reproduce it. If you receive this error, try setting a pst as the default message store.

Other receive this error when they have the junk email settings out of sync. both Hotmail and Outlook need to use either High or Low. you cannot use Low in Hotmail and High in Outlook.

Also see Hotmail Error 4102 (Outlook Tips) for a possible cause when the Hotmail account is set as default.

Error 4202

If you're receiving error 4202, one or more addresses in the blocked and safe lists contain an underscore or is malformed. This error shouldn't prevent a person from sending or receiving messages, as synchronization of mail, calendar, contacts and other data (including the junk lists) continues. Delete the suspect addresses from the Safe and Blocked Senders lists in Outlook and in Hotmail.

If you are unable to delete the entries (often just single words, not domains), you may need to ask the Hotmail system admin to delete the entries. Go to the Hotmail, Messenger & SkyDrive forum at Microsoft Answers and enter "0x80004005" in the search box you will see many similar entries. If you post a question with your details a sysadmin will fix the problem.

Error 5102

Error: 5102. Server. Maximum request length exceeded

We’re seeing a rash of “Error: 5102. Server. Maximum request length exceeded” errors when using the Outlook Hotmail Connector. This specific error is caused by trying to send a file larger than 4MB using the connector. The problem behind the error should be fixed soon, but until then, if you get the error, move the message from your Outbox to a folder in a local pst - the file needs to be moved from the mailbox so Outlook doesn't attempt to sync it with the server. This should get rid of the error and allow the Outlook Connector to work again.

If you need to send larger attachments, use the web interface.

If a sending a large message is not the cause, look in the Sync Issues folder (use Ctrl+6 to switch to the folder list) and check the Synchronization Log messages for text indicating which messages are the problem. You can also check the Local Failures folder and other folders in your mailbox for large messages. Move the messages out of the Outlook Connector account.

More Information

For a list of other sync errors and their cause, see
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  1. Wendy G says

    I'm a mac user and my hotmail account upgraded to the new outlook. Now I can only receive messages from people on my safe list. Anyone new that tries to send me a message and it won't come through until I add their email address to my safe list. My filters and reporting are set on standard, and all other security is set on low, so i'm not sure why I'm having this problem. Please help if you can

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Go to
      Click on the little gear beside your name on the right.
      Click More mail settings.
      Check your filters and reporting settings.

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