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We’re seeing a lot of complaints about News Feed folders reproducing like rabbits in Outlook’s folder list. This folder is used by the social connector to display feeds in the People Pane.

However, there is a bug in the current beta build and users with only an Outlook Connector account in their profile have multiple News Feed folders.

How to stop the creation of News Feed folders

Users who are affected by this bug can stop the creation of these folders by disabling the social connector in Options, Add-ins.

COM Addin dialog

Click the Go button at the bottom of the dialog and uncheck the Social Connector in the COM Add-in dialog that comes up.

Disable Social connector

How to delete the News Feed folders

Restart Outlook, then delete the News Feed folders. You can delete the extra folders by logging into the account at and click the Manage folders link then select the folders and delete.

If you want to delete them from Outlook, drag the folders into one folder then delete that folder (or drag them to the deleted items folder and empty it). This is easier than deleting the folders one at a time and answer the “are you sure” dialog each time.

Video Tutorial

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