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Applies to Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010

The "No Subject" warning message is a feature new to Outlook as of Outlook 2010. It was a frequently requested feature in previous versions. When you compose a message and click Send without first filling in the subject field, the following dialog will come up, confirming that you want to send the message with a blank subject field.

Do you want to send this message without a subject alert

Outlook 2010 / 2013 does not currently offer an option to disable this prompt. It is possible to use VBA to disable it (see Links below) however I don’t recommend it.

To add a warning in Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, or earlier, see Macro to Warn Before Sending a Message with a Blank Subject

While not using a subject might increase the spam score a little, this warning was not added as an anti-spam measure. Some people do filter on a blank subject field, figuring any message without a subject is spam, but a subject is no guarantee the message is not spam.

This warning dialog was added because many users requested it.

It's good netiquette to include a subject, even if its just FYI as many people are annoyed when they receive messages without subjects.

Why do recipients want a subject? Because a subject helps them decide whether to read the message now or later. A subject also makes it easier to find messages when looking for a specific message. For example, if I need to find a message from Mary, I search for all messages from Mary. Because she uses subjects which generally reflect the content of the message, I can easily find the message I need just by viewing the list of messages. On the other hand, Jim rarely enters a subject so I need to look at each one of his messages until I find the one I'm looking for.

In Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 against Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2003, with the Conversation view enabled, a subject will help messages create their own conversation as all of the no subject messages will group together as one conversation.

More Information

Disable Outlook 2010 no-subject warning VBA solution by Peter Marchert

Please note: This feature is not at all related to MailTips. Users on some forums recommend changing MailTips settings to disable the No Subject warning dialog – this will not disable the No subject prompt, plus MailTips is an Exchange 2010 feature.


  1. Jennifer Campbell says

    There are many occasions where I want to send an email without a subject without getting that annoying prompt. Some people might have requested it but others find it annoying and want to be able to turn it off. If Microsoft introduce these new things, they should recognise that some people also may not want it and make it easy to be a turn on/off function.

  2. Jennifer Campbell says

    PS - just went to disable it via the VBA solution by Peter Marchert on this page and its no longer available in an English version. Can someone let me know how to disable it?

  3. Mike says

    This pop up box of "Send with no subject" IS F...............G ANNOYING


    LISTEN to the people OUTLOOK

  4. Ron S says

    If you are sending your email to an wireless phone's SMS email address, most don't support subjects. It just takes up delivery space that will never get displayed but will still cause the message to be broken down and sent as multiple messages. Some phones will not lace them back together into one message. I use my email to communicate via SMS with my wife, who is a nurse and has no access to email during the day. I learned long ago to leave off the subject line. The popup is annoying. Any feature they add to new releases because "a lot of people asked for it" should have the ability to be turned off. After all "a lot of other people" did NOT ask for it.

  5. Gaby C says

    Like Ron S, I use Outlook to text. I used the VBA solution by Peter Marchert on Outlook 2010 and that solved the issue,
    Since then I have updated to 2013 and the "No Subject" warning message is back. Is there an updated version of Marchert's solution? Thank you.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      No, there is not an update - he's no longer offering the VBA (which is why i have it here). It should work with 2013 (and does here). Did you check the macro security setting? do you get any error messages?

  6. Gaby C says

    I am using the same VBA solution in Outlook 2013 as was in 2010, I even re-added it to make sure. No error messages. What should my macro security settings be? Thanks again.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Test it on low macro security. Which suite are you using? What type of email account? I'll test the combination and see if I can repro.

  7. Gaby C says

    Windows 7. I'm not too techie, I'm using a roadrunner account, pop server if that is what you're asking. Thank you for your help again!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      It's working fine here on Windows 7/Outlook 2013 with a POP3 account. Tested it in both the click2run and "on premise" installs.

  8. Cindy Gardiner says

    I recently upgraded my windows package. This pop-up is beyond annoying. Get us a fix quick! This should be optional.

  9. Donna Click says

    Can you please help me with turning it off? I have Windows 8, Outlook 2013 and I do NOT want a subject on all emails. I don't find a way to be rid of it. Thanks so much,

  10. Donna Click says

    Diane, you help me with my last question so I’m going to bother you again if you don’t mind. We have been setting up a new computer (which is why I emailed you before about the pop ups on the subject in an email). I used your advice and got past that one, but this one has been with me since I came to Windows 8 – ugh!

    My contacts in Outlook came over here in a horrible mess. The look like this

    Amy Muniz ( SMTP Amy Muniz (

    Which of course means they will not send. They will not allow me to even make a correction to them.

    Can you help me with getting rid of everything except the things in the parenthesis – that’s the true email address. Even the ones I use on a daily basis are a mess – I get bounced emails dozens of times a day.

    It ought to be simple but we can’t figure it out. Thanks so much – someway it imported in the wrong format.

    I appreciate it, Donna Click

    I can’t even email myself! Ha!

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