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We occasionally get complaints from people who are using a group by view on Contacts and they have two groups of "(none)", often when grouping by Company or Country (because they are common fields to group by), but grouping by almost any field can result in two different (none) groups.

This can happen with contacts created on two different computers or in two different profiles, as well as with contacts that are imported or synced with a smart phone.

Properly completing the fields will eliminate the problem - fill in the company field, or if you have others from the same company, drag the contact to the correct company group. Do the same for blank country fields. (Dragging to a new group to change a value works for many other fields).

If it bugs you, it's easy to fix. If you only have a few contacts to change, you can use in-cell editing and add a space then backspace to delete it to reset the field to the correct "none". If you have a lot of contacts, use the following method to change the fields by dragging.

I recommend using the default view with in-cell editing enabled.

  1. Collapse the groups. This will allow you to easily see the number of contacts in each group.
  2. Create a new contact with the company field blank - use 1Test so it's easily to find later. the group it goes into is the correct "(none)" group.
  3. Add !Test to the Company name field of one contact in the wrong "(none)" group and drag all of the contacts from the "wrong" group to the !Test group by grabbing the group header and dragging it to the !Test group.
  4. Drag the !Test group header to the remaining none group and drop it.

If you have a lot of contacts in a group it may take a few seconds for Outlook to change the company name, but otherwise, it doesn't take much effort.


  1. Elaine Moore says

    I have sorted my names by categories for labels, numerous times - usually every month.

    Now, Many of the names in Contacts are in RED, and when I open the Card, the Notes contains duplicate information. What is happening? Also, what is the relavance of the grayed out area, possibly the dates of my sorting, but I'm not sure how to use this new info.

    I am not a whiz at keeping up with the overabundance of tools in Outlooki -- it seems the more I learn, the more errors I make.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      The names would be in red if a red category was applied last (depends on view) or if you have them flagged for follow up and they are past due.

      Is the duplicated content in notes name/address info or just duplicated notes? See Help! My Contacts are being updated! for an explanation of the address info in notes.

      Duplicated notes are usually the result of syncing with a device.

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