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This is actually an issue with Communicator, not Outlook, but because the error shows up in Outlook, it gets blamed. The fix is fairly easy: delete Communicator's contact database from the affected user's computer and wait for the updated version to be downloaded.

When I hover over an address on an email message, the Outlook 2007/OCS 2007 R2 integration displays incorrect user contact information. In this particular case, popup shows previous title of the user. The GAL is showing latest info.

Background: By default, every morning at approximately 1:30AM, the new address book is updated and at some random time within the first hour of logging into the workstation the next day, the updates from the day before are downloaded in the compact delta file. However, there are 2 AD attributes that are not included in the compact delta file: office and title. They are included in the legacy and full delta files.

The legacy and full delta files are only downloaded when a new galcontacts.db file is downloaded to the workstation. You have to manually delete the file from the end-user in question so that they can download the Full and Legacy files, at which point it gets reflected to everyone.

  • Step 1: Run ABServer -syncNow and ABServer -regenUR on the OCS Front End server.
  • Step 2: On the affected user's desktop, find and delete galcontacts.db and galcontacts.db.idx
  • Step 3: Close and restart both Outlook and Communicator. You may need to log off the computer and log back in.

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