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When importing contacts into a Hotmail Connector account, users will receive this message if the entry in the Company name field is longer that 40 characters:

The company name exceeds the limit of 40 characters. Type fewer characters before you click OK or excess letters will be automatically removed.

Company name exceeds 40 characters

Note: The Notes field has a limitation of 1024 characters, but Hotmail won't truncate the field. Only the first 1024 characters are synced up to Hotmail.

Cause and Solution

Hotmail has a limit of 40 characters in the Company name field. As the message describes, the user either needs to cancel the import and edit the company name or the Company name will be automatically trimmed to the first 40 characters.

Use the macro at Check Contacts before moving them to Hotmail Contacts folder to check the length of the Company name and Notes field before adding the contacts to the Hotmail folder.

If you believe there are many Company names exceeding 40 characters, you should cancel the import and edit the company names. Otherwise, Outlook will display this dialog for each contact where the company name exceeds 40 characters. While this is manageable when a few contacts are affected, it's not workable for large numbers of Contacts.

You have two choices to fix the problem: use the VBA macro at Check Contacts before moving them to Hotmail Contacts folder to identify the contacts then edit them or use a custom view and format the company column to 35 characters. (Outlook counts pt, not characters, and does not correctly count proportional fonts.)

Note: This limitation does not affect contacts stored in a local pst file or Exchange account.

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