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In 2015, all accounts will be migrated to Office 365. Microsoft is moving accounts over in waves. If your account was migrated, this page will be obsolete. accounts will be configured as Exchange accounts. Articles on the new is the new domain Microsoft replaced Hotmail with. It's been around awhile, used for Live@Edu accounts (student accounts at some universities). It's a Hotmail / Live account rebranded, with a new web interface.

Note: Microsoft discontinued HTTP (WebDAV) support for Hotmail accounts. For more information, see MSN (and Hotmail) Access Denied?

Need help configuring and account to sync calendar and contacts with a POP3 or IMAP account? See Sync calendar and contacts using

Because is a Hotmail account, you can use the same configurations with these accounts as you did with Hotmail: POP3, Outlook Connector, or with Outlook 2013 or a smartphone, EAS.

If Auto Account Setup doesn't work for an email address, you'll need to configure the account manually using the Outlook Connector, POP3/SMTP, or in Outlook 2013, EAS.
Choose the manual setup option

If you enabled two-factor authentication on the account, you'll need to generate an app password to use with the account in Outlook.

Outlook Connector

The Outlook Hotmail Connector connects / Hotmail family of email accounts to Outlook, syncing email, calendar, and contacts to your local machine, much like an Exchange server does. The Outlook Connector is limited to email, calendar and contacts. Tasks are not supported by the Connector.

After you download the Outlook Connector, close Outlook (if open) and install the connector. Go to Control Panel and search for Mail. Open your profile from the Mail applet and create a new account using the Connector. Click Add and enter your display name, email address, and password and Outlook will setup the account for you or choose the option to manually setup your account.

If you choose to create the account yourself, Outlook Connector is listed under Additional Server types.

When you configure the Outlook Connector, it creates a data file for the account. While this file can be set as the default data file, you cannot deliver (Hotmail) to another data file. (You need to use POP3 if you want to use only one data file.) If you deliver mail from other accounts to the data file, that mail will be uploaded to the server.

The data file created by the Outlook Connector can only be used by the account that created it. If you have items in the Tasks, Notes, or Journal folders, you will need to export the folders to a local pst file before removing the account from your profile.

Calendar and Contacts in your other Outlook data files are not synced to the folders. If you want to upload it to the Hotmail server you need to move or copy the items to the Hotmail folders. See Merging Two Calendar Folders for instructions. (This method works with all folder types.)

If you want to use the Outlook Connector, you'll need to set up the account. This is the preferred method and the only one Microsoft mentions in their KB article, How to configure Outlook to connect to an email account

  1. Go to Account Settings and open the New Account dialog.
  2. Choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types, and then click Next.
  3. Select the Outlook Connector option and complete the wizard.

Outlook 2013 EAS

If you use Outlook 2013, you can configure an EAS account. You'll need to use as the server name when setting up the account. You'll use this server name when setting up EAS on smartphones. IMAP Configuration

As of September 2013, supports IMAP. To set up an IMAP account in Outlook, you'll need to use the manual setup option. Server settings are below; don't forget to set the Outgoing Server tab (in More Settings) to authenticate with the mail server.

Incoming IMAP Server:
Outgoing SMTP Server:

Click More Settings button, then Advanced tab. Select SSL as the encryption type for the incoming server. The port should change to 993 automatically. Change the SMTP encryption to TLS and the port number to 587.

Use POP3 and SMTP now supports IMAP. Instructions, including server names and ports, are at Setting up an IMAP account

To use POP3/SMTP with your account, you'll use these settings:
Configure the pop and smtp options

Incoming server name:
Outgoing server:

While setting up the account, click on the More Settings button and on Outgoing Mail Servers tab, select the My server requires authentication box. Choose Use same settings as my incoming server.

Click the Advanced tab, and under Server Port Numbers, enter the following information:
For Incoming mail (POP3), use Port 995.
For Outgoing mail (SMTP), use Port 587.
More Settings

Under both Outgoing mail (SMTP) and Incoming mail (POP3), select the ‘requires secure connection (SSL)’ check box. In Outlook 2007 and up, choose Auto; use SSL for Outlook 2003.

Under Delivery, select the Leave a copy of messages on server check box if you want to see your messages when you use Hotmail in a web browser, your mobile phone, or other e-mail programs.

You may want to adjust your settings in the account options online (under More mail settings), and either let move the mail to special POP folder when Outlook tries to delete it from the server or let it delete the messages.

More Information

Setting up an IMAP accountMail Tools - Retrieval -- Other add-ins for accessing Hotmail.
OL2000- How to View Hotmail Messages in Outlook 2000 -- using a folder home page


  1. Page Temple says

    Hi Diane,
    I have set up on MS Outlook (2007) according to your instructions and receiving emails just fine.
    Sending is another issue. They won't "go"...
    Any advice?

    • Costantine says

      Hi Diane. I recently migrated to office 2013 and have a nightmare trying to configure to my outlook. Keep getting error message saying password and email not working. Any advice before i revert back to outlook 2007?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Did you enable two factor authentication? If so, you need to use the app password, not your real password.

  2. Kelly Gooch says

    Being unable to use and manage contact groups makes Outlook in Office 2013 unusable for my wife.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      You can use Categories as dynamic groups in outlook but the groups won't sync up to They should work fine as long as you don't edit the contacts online. If you edit online, the contacts in Outlook will lose the categories.

  3. Rob Crichlow says

    I am growing to really appreciate your posts and now need your help. Is there a way to connect two accounts to Outlook 2013, only syncing contacts on one of the accounts? My wife and I share a common contact list, but different email, tasks, and calendars.

    I have tried using to sync our contacts, but the Live API is not being supported that they use.

    Our Windows phones allow the control of what get's synced (Email, Calendar, and Contacts), but I cannot find the same ability in Outlook 2013.

  4. Sirush says


    I set up the on MS Outlook (2007) according to your instructions. Incoming is ok, but outgoing does not operate, I cannot send mails from MS Outlook. It gives an error 550 5.7.3. Please advise what to do? I use it in Armenia.
    Thank you

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Does the text say your aren't authenticated? Are you using the Outlook Connector or POP3/SMTP? If SMTP, you need to use port 587 and ‘requires secure connection (SSL)’ check box. You also need to set the authentication on the outgoing server tab - Tools, Account Settings, double click on the account then more Settings. Check the outgoing server and advanced tabs.

  5. Sirush says

    The problem is now solved. Tried to put the "Type of the encrypted connection" on TLS and it work.

    Thank you

  6. Vivid Kothari says

    Hey! I really-really appreciate your this post. It gives some solid information that I have been looking for. However, I am still having this unusual problem.
    When I have set up a new email account using outlook connector, it says "The set of folders can not be opened. The file C:\users\..... is not an outlook data file."

    Please help. I have tried a lot of things but not reaching anywhere near the solution. I don't know where I am going wrong.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Close Outlook. Go to Control panel, search for Mail. Open the profile - select Email accounts and remove the account then Add it again. Does it work now?

  7. Corrine Hardie says

    Hi there, I have set up an email account on outlook 2013 as an EAS account. Contacts sync'd fine with and mobile device, but the calendar that was set up in Outlook 2013 is not showing up on or the mobile device. The calendar entries were copied from another calendar, and pasted into the new calendar associated with the email account. The contacts were done the same way. Any suggestions as to why the calendar would not be updating online?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Why? I have no idea. :) It's a fairly common problem though. I had the same problem and fixed it by adding a category to the events after I added them to the calendar. (Use list view - i added the Modified field to the view and selected the new appointments and assigned a category to all at one time.)

  8. RMD says

    Just a point for any frustrated people out there. If two-factor authentication is turned on for the account, an app password will need to be generated to use in MS Outlook 20XX since it doesn't prompt for the verification code. Took far too long for me to realize this.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Correct. I wrote about that not too long ago but it sounds like i did not update this page.

  9. Syd Thompson says

    I have seen my outlook emails suddenly migrate to my pop folder and those emails are not accessible on my mobile phone

    • Diane Poremsky says

      That would happen if you are using POP3 to check the mailbox. Try changing the setting in to honor your client setting (which should be to leave on server). Gear icon, More Mail settings, POP and deleting downloaded messages. Or you can use Outlook Connector (Outlook 2010/07/03) or Outlook 2013 to sync the mailbox with Outlook.

  10. Syd Thompson says

    I had made the change to "leave on server." I am not sure of the action you recommend from your comment "Gear icon, More Mail setting, POP and deleting downloaded messages." Thanks.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      In, you need to make sure that it is honoring the Outlook settings. It should be correct for you since it was moving them to the POP3 folder, but you should double check.

      Make sure is not moving mail to the pop folder

  11. Jerry Sykes says

    I have never used Outlook before, now I have to learn to use 2010. I can't even configure the damn thing. I have an .edu account which is somehow connected to Office 365, but Outlook says it can't find the server. Same problem with the gmail server. It asks me to configure manually, I don't know what to put for POP, IMAP, STMP, etc. Why do I need to reference a third party email account to use Outlook? Really frustrated!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      If auto account setup can't find gmail addresses, it sounds like there is a firewall blocking it. Do you know what firewall you are using on the computer? Check the settings and verify that outlook.exe is allowed through the firewall.

  12. Jerry Sykes says

    Hi Diane, thank you for the quick response. After some searching on youtube, I found the problem was with Google not Outlook. Apparently you have to enable IMAP in your Google settings to allow Outlook to communicate with the Google email server. After I did that, Outlook set up finished without a hitch. It's good to know if I have other issues with Outlook, there's a professional standing by to help. Thank you again.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Thanks for the update and reminder. Yeah, Gmail won't work in an email client if its not enabled for the account - this applies to pop3 and imap. It's easy to forget that its not enabled by default when you've used it forever. :)

  13. Jb says

    Great resource Diane! I was having problems using hotmail and exchange in outlook 2013. I couldn't move emails back and forth between accounts. I recently changed hotmail to an imap account and can move emails. However, my windows phone and ipad won't sync with the hotmail inbox, sent, deleted. Etc. if I delete something in outlook, it won't delete from my phone. Sent folder in outlook doesn't sync with hotmail, only local.

    Do I need to set my ipad and phone up as imap too? Anything else I can do to have everything sync in the cloud, and not just my desktop.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Yeah, i read comments backwards. :) IMAP in outlook shouldn't affect iphone sync. As soon as my test machine finishes installing updates, I'll check it out.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      No, so far I have not repro'd it. I'll try again and if i repro it, I'll let Microsoft know.

  14. Bob Broder says

    Hi Diane, I followed your instructions for setting up Hotmail account in Outlook 2013 manually. It works until I close and reopen Outlook at which time Outlook simply freezes and I have to end process. Any help would be appreciated.

  15. Rick says


    I've been unable to resolve this problem using Outlook Connector with Oultook 2003 and my account for months now:

    1. I can successfully download and install the 32-bit Outlook Connector executable on my Win8 machine.
    2. I successfully add my account info in the Outlook Connector tab.
    3. Close and reopen Outlook.
    4. Information and the folders I've created in appear in Outlook 2003, BUT, and this is what I can't resolve:
    No emails in my Inbox later than Jul 2, 2013 appear in the Outlook 2003 Inbox, nor do any emails I send from to myself appear in the Outlook 2003 Inbox as received.

    Finally: If I click on the "Server Status" box at the bottom right of Outlook 2003, the status is always "Mail: Connecting", even though at the very bottom of Outlook, my status is "Online"

    Any thoughts?

    Rick P.

  16. Rick says


    I've been partially successful in using your instructions for using the Outlook Connector with Outlook 2003 on my Win8 machine. By partially successful, I mean that, no matter what PC I install Outlook Connector on, I only end up with emails up to 7/2/2013. All of my folders are successfully duplicated: but the end result is that, for me, time has stopped on July 2, 2013 (I think that's when Hotmail was terminated, and before migrating to, I was using a Hotmail account).

    Rick P.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      The mail is in your mailbox if you log in to There are issues where Outlook Connector doesn't download all mail immediately, especially if you have a lot, but it eventually will download it.

  17. Rick P. says


    Yes, the mail is in my inbox, along with the other folders I've created in either Outlook or However, the most recent email is never later than 7/2/2013. And, it doesn't matter if I run the connector using a machine running Windows 7 or a difference machine running Windows 8.1.
    But, your comment about having a lot of mail got me thinking. I do have a couple of thousand messages overall.
    The message count for 7/2/2013 is 200 messages exactly. So. maybe there's a "maximum number of messages" set up within the Connector at 200?

    Also, sorry about the double posting of my original message.

    Rick P

  18. Rick P. says


    Success!! It took several hours and parts of 2 days when I was logged into Outlook, but your suggestion about just letting it download worked. Previously, I had been closing down Outlook after just a few minutes when nothing appeared to be transferring over, especially when, if I clicked on the "Server Status" window in the bottom-right corner of Outlook, the Mail status message always showed "Connecting..." but never appeared to be making any progress.

    It was, just, as you've mentioned, very slow progress if you have alot of messages, which is something not mentioned in any of the Microsoft tech support messages I've read on this issue.

    Thanks for the tip!

    Rick P.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Thanks for the update, hopefully it will help others who are concerned that it's not working right. :)

  19. David Ledbetter says

    Hello Diane, I recently discovered IMAP for Outlook 2007 and installed it. I now have THREE (IMAP, POP, and MAPI) accounts in Account Settings. Do I need them all?
    I read that I need to keep MAPI for the address book.
    Also, all my current inbox messages ended up going to the Junk Mail folder. I'll just move them, i guess.
    The POP account has no data file associated with it, correct?
    Finally, I have two identical inboxes. The IMAP inbox tool a LONG TIME but finally showed up in the MAPI account.
    You are wonderful for helping people the way you do. Thank you!

    David L:edbetter

    • Diane Poremsky says

      This is to an account? The outlook connector syncs calendar and contacts from to outlook. if you don't need to keep them in sync, you can copy them to a pst file for 'offline' use and remove the mapi (outlook connector) account. You will need the pst file with the imap account - imap is email only and outlook needs a place to store calendar and contacts.

      I'm not sure why the messages are going to the junk mail folder - its not unusual, but i haven't investigated it. Check your junk mail settings - try the low setting or turn it off.

  20. Jerry Fallon says

    Hi Diane...I am using the Outlook Connector and for the most part no issues. However I just noticed no Job Titles are syncing to my Blackberry Z10. Is that a Blackberry issue?

    Thank you,


    • Diane Poremsky says

      I don't have a blackberry to verify, but yes, BB probably gets the blame, or more accurately, the BB people app - that's how it is on my Android.

  21. Jerry says

    Thank you for the same issue with Android? I was thinking of ditching the Z10 for an Android phone but hope to avoid the same issue. I think a Windows Phone is the only solution.

    Thank you again for all your support!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Windows phone has the title. On android it looks to be an app issue. I have the titles with one app but not another. I don't have my account set up on my ipad, so i can't see how it works there. (Yes, I have one of everything except the current BB - and thats only because my Storm was in sad shape and I needed to replace it before the new models came out. It was a year before I stopped saying "but my old BB could do it" to just about everything the windows phone couldn't do. :))

  22. kgr says

    I have 2 accounts set up in outlook 2013: 1) pop email account and 2) Exchange account for calendar and contacts (server is My deleted contacts and calendar entries are not in my deleted folder and the undo command is not available for the ost file. Is that because I am using a verizon email address and don't have a corporate or edu exchange account? With this setup, is there any way I can undo or recover accidentally deleted items? Thanks.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      It is because of the EAS account - at this time, deleted items aren't saved. AFAIK, there is no tricks you can use to undo - i know they are working on it though.

  23. Jerry says

    Hi Diane,

    So if I understand you correctly the Windows Phone will sync the job title? My Z10 syncs everything but job titles. So I am looking at options/phones for my next step. I still find it hard to believe there is no solution for this problem.

    Thank you,


    • Diane Poremsky says

      My phone syncs the title. Does BB have a title field in contacts? If so, I'd expect it to sync since its a field supported in Active Sync.

      title field on windows phone

  24. Jerry Fallon says

    Hi Diane,

    I entered a dummy contact on my Surface and it synced fine to my BB Z10. All fields were complete. However, I just got to my office and on my desktop using the outlook connector the job title did not sync. Everything else did. The issue is clearly with the connector. I can not seem to find a solution.

    Thank you,


    • Diane Poremsky says

      Ah, for some reason, I missed the 'connector' in your earlier message. I know some of the fields are mapped wrong / weird - check the all fields page and see if it's under a different field.

  25. Jerry says do I do that? Also, I finally got through to someone at Microsoft. Since my company still uses XP and my Office version is 2003 they want $95.00 to fix the issue. I think what I am going to do is just continue using the Blackberry Link for syncing and manually keep my account up to date. By not fixing this issue just means I will not leave BB for a Windows or an Android Phone. I explained to them I purchased a Surface and added the connector based on their recommended way to sync. I thought for this reason alone they would have helped me. Disappointed...

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Open a contact. Click All fields then Select From all Contact fields. Browse the list - are the values in one of the other fields?

      It'll look a bit different in 2003, but there is an All fields button or page tab there somewhere. The list of fields will look very similar to this screenshot.
      All fields

  26. Jerry Fallon says

    Hi Diane,

    When I followed your instructions, opened a current contact and manually entered a job title it synced to the phone. However, when I entered a brand new contact from start the the way you would normally do so the job title does not sync. Same thing if I enter a contact from the phone. I can't seem to set the system for this field to sync. It is my main reason for not buying a Windows phone.

    I appreciate all your time and effort.

    Thank you,


    • Diane Poremsky says

      The job title (when entered in the job title field on the contact) is added to the correct field in the all fields list?

  27. Jerry says

    When in the all fields list yes... but if I enter a contact on my phone with a job title it will not sync to my contacts via the outlook connector on my desktop. The same if I go to new contact, enter the details it will not sync to the phone the job titles. The job titles sync if entered in the phone or Surface without a problem. It's just the desktop both ways. Maybe because I have XP and Office 2007.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I don't think XP is a factor - I thought maybe the field names were not synced. So its basically they are showing on the contact in outlook but aren't actually syncing up? I still think its something with the field names, but won't have time to investigate it for a few days, I'll be out of town for a family emergency.

  28. Jerry says

    Thank you... I appreciate all your help. Please take care of your family. I hope everything will be ok.

  29. Brian Shroyer says

    I set up in my outlook program for my desktop. Is there a way to stop the account from receiving emails? I only wanted to be able to have calendar events sync with my cell phone. If i keep getting emails in my ISP account and account i will have a lot of duplicates to delete.


    • Diane Poremsky says

      You can't configure to only sync calendar and contacts - if there is mail in the inobx, outlook will download it. You'll need to stop having mail forwarded to the account or disconnect the account from

  30. cynthiauu says

    hello, I cannot send email from my hotmail account at outlook 2003, I did everything you said,I add my hotmail by imap, and incoming server (IMAP) 993, outgoing is 587 or 25, both has to be checked off with SSL, but it doesn't work! please help!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Do you get any error messages? 587 is the correct port # to use, with ssl. Are you authenticating with the outgoing server? (I just tested it here - test machine is outlook 2003/windows xp).

  31. Lauren (@LauLedu) says

    I've downloaded the outlook connector to my outlook 2003 and successfully moved all my appointments over to the new calendar. Is there a way to set that new calendar as default? I only want to work with one calendar. The way it is setup now, I can't get any reminders because it isn't in "the calendar or tasks folder". I use imap for my email, if that matters.
    I used google calendar sync until I couldn't last month, this is helpful for syncing as long as I remember to put my tasks on the right calendar on my phone. I'm lost without my reminders though! (I'm still running 2003 because I'm waiting for work to slow down before I migrate to a new machine.)

    • Diane Poremsky says

      In Outlook 2003, you'll need to set the account as your default email account. Once you migrate to Outlook 2010 or 2013, you'll be able to set any email account as default and the data file as the default data file.

  32. Bindi says

    Hi. Can you help me please. I've downloaded outlook connector to my outlook 2007 account and am copying my outlook emails to my hotmail account via outlook.

    My outlook account is going to be shut down soon. Will the emails I've copied across still be accessible via hotmail?

    Sorry if that's a daft question. Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      IT's not daft, but I'm not totally sure what outlook account is going to be shut down. As long as its not the Hotmail account, it will be fine. Any mail uploaded to Hotmail will be available at or via IMAP or POP3 in any email client. Log into and see if the messages counts match up - they should since you are using the connector - before you remove the account from outlook.

  33. Jacques Stambouli says

    I upgraded recently to a new computer and at the same time from Office 2007 to office 2013. I have multiple email accounts, work, gmail etc one of which is an email address. In the previous version of outlook i was able to flag emails and use the reminder option to remind me to come back to them. I was also able to move emails from another mailbox into my email. In this new version i am unable to do either. When I try to move an email it says "Cannot move the items. The folders you are trying to change do not support this operation. Sorry, Exchange activesync doesn't support what you're trying to do."
    I have noticed that in the new version of outlook my email account is set up as an "Exchange activeSync" account whereas in my previous version it was set up as a MAPI account. I think this might be the issue but i have been unable to set it up as a MAPI account in outlook 2013.

    I have been able to set it up as an IMAP account and now can move emails into it but still no reminders.

    Any help would be much much appreciated!!



    • Diane Poremsky says

      Eas accounts don't support moving mail into them and they don't support flags with reminders. Imap accounts are as bad (or worse) - and don't support reminders either.

      In outlook 2007, you used the outlook connector which used a different protocol to sync. unfortunately, the connector doesn't work in outlook 2013.

  34. Graeme says

    I am using and my client is Windows Live Mail (WLM). My ISP has confirmed that my settings are correct. I want to delete each email from after I have downloaded them to WLM. This works most of the time. Occasionally an email does not get deleted from so it gets resent to WLM next time WLM retrieves emails from hence giving me duplicate emails on WLM. It is random as to which emails do not delete. I have instances where I have triplicate emails on WLM. Please help!!!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I'm not aware of anyway to fix that - it obviously shouldn't behave that way and when it does, it usually means there was a problem with the server or internet and the cli8ent couldn't tell the server to delete the items.

  35. Tracey says

    I have set up a "Group" in for my daughter's soccer team. Several families (contacts) have more than one email address but the emails are only sending to one email address. Is there a way to enable multiple email addresses for all contacts in the group? Also, I am not able to access the group from my Iphone.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      AFAIK, you'd need to create multiple contacts for people with multiple addresses if you want to send to all of their addresses when you send email to a group.

      Groups are categories in outlook and on devices, so if you can sort by category, you can use the group. I'll have to steal my iPad away from hubby and see if you can filter on categories.

  36. Denise Healy says

    I am unable to set up a second account in outlook despite following all instructions I get the message this C:\Users -------\AppData\local\Microsoft\outlook\sahmri\ my name--- is not an outlook file(.ost)
    The other message I get is that out look is not on line

    • Diane Poremsky says

      This often means the profile is corrupt. Do you get the same error if you create a new profile?

  37. Vishwa Mohan says

    Hi, I use outlook 2013. it was working fine on my laptop and cellphone. due to some issues i had to recover my laptop to factory setting. i re installed the outlook on my laptop and by mistake created wrong profile which got set as default profile.
    I am trying to create a new profile with all the correct setting, on IMAP setup. it is getting connected but SMPT is an error 550.
    it is still working good on my cell but some how i cannot configure on laptop. i matched all the setting from my cellphone.
    I cannot delete the current profile on laptop ans cannot create new one... i am not sure how to correct this issue.. please help.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Is there a description of the error - like relaying denied or whatever? What port are you using? The wrong port & not authenticating (on the Outgoing server tab in More Settings) are a frequent cause of SMTP errors.

  38. James Khan says

    Hi, Could you help please? Microsoft are unwilling unless I pay them a hefty fee.

    I have a number of hotmail accounts and a week ago I started having problems syncing. I decided to started all over again by deleting the accounts from outlook 2007, uninstalling outlook connector, deleting the profile using Mail, creating a new profile, & re-installing the latest copy of Connector.
    But now if I create the accounts in outlook using the Connector, it gives an error ""The set of folders cannot be opened. The file C:\Users.........ost is not an Outlook data file (.ost)."

    It is also puzzling that the .ost file created from has the '@' replaced by '_', ie xxx-yyy_hotmail.ost
    Having looked at the previous .ost files, the '@' has not been replaced by the '_'

    I can create the accounts via manual configuration and IMAP, and can even access / receive / send emails ... but outlook is then very, very slow. Also the manual IMAP config settings create a .pst and not .ost file

    • Diane Poremsky says

      When did the problems begin? The patch Tuesday updates might have triggered the problems. I'll see if i can repro it.

      does it work better in Safe mode?

  39. Tom Howley says

    Hi Diane, I'm having the same problem since last week I guess.

    When I create the account in outlook using the Connector, it gives an error ""The set of folders cannot be opened. The file C:\Users.........ost is not an Outlook data file (.ost)."

    It is also puzzling that the .ost file created from has the '@' replaced by '_', ie xxx-yyy_hotmail.ost.
    Hoping you can help, Tom

    • Diane Poremsky says

      They started doing the format with new accounts some ago, but if your profile had the account setup and was using the @, it should keep using that format.

      Log into the account online - are there any login messages? If not remove the account from outlook and add it back using the manual method - click the button to create the account manually then choose Other and the Outlook Connector.

    • Tom Howley says

      Yes, I removed the account from outlook 2010 and re-added it. Still the same problem. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Connector and still the same problem. I also ran a repair of Microsoft Office and that didn't help. Could you suggest anything else. Tom

    • Tom Howley says

      Yes, I created a new profile and it couldnt open the account as it couldnt recognise the ost file saying C:\Users.........ost is not an Outlook data file (.ost)/
      Thanks Tom

  40. john smith says

    once I've configured Outlook, upon opening it for the first time, should it say 'loading profile' for over half an hour?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      it can take a while if there are a lot of accounts or a lot of messages, but "a while" is usually measured in minutes - like 5 minutes, maybe 10. It felt like a half hour... I would close Outlook and reopen and see if it loads faster. If not, I'd make a new profile.

  41. Marcel says

    Hi Diane,

    I just setup my account to allow POP3 downloading via Desktop Windows Outlook.

    Before I just forwarded the emails to my Gmail.

    What happened is that Desktop Outlook attempts to download thousands of old emails which I already have on my computer so I do not want that.

    I was looking for an option in the settings allowing me to choose a date from when messages in are downloaded to desktop outlook via POP3 but did not find any such option.

    Could you please help?



    • Diane Poremsky says

      Neither outlook nor has such an option. You can do one of two things: create a rule to delete mail received before a specific date (and disable the option in outlook to delete mail from the server!) or move the mail to another folder in - POP3 only downloads the inbox. you can select everything in the inbox then use the Move to command in the menu bar to move them to an archive folder.

  42. liora says

    I install outlook connector on outlook 2007 sp3 win 7 64 bit
    I have default exchang mail account.
    When I sent a mail through the hotmail account (I can choose from which account to send)
    the mail I send stuck on the outbox folder of the exchange account but still sent OK,
    It start to happen after we upgrade to exchange 2013
    On 2003 it was OK.

    Is any one saw it?

  43. Su Myat Nandar says

    I have already tried this way and new account can be added although I did not receive any emails or could not send any email and the account is blank, there is nothing to show.

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