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This suggestion for dealing with the small fonts in Outlook 2013's folder list comes from Cowboy over at OutlookForums.

As we all know, Microsoft removed the ability to change the font and font size in the Outlook 2013 folder list. But all is not lost. For those people with high resolution monitors and/or poor vision there is something we can do short of enlarging the whole display image.

To change the font size in Windows 8, right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize then click Display. Click on the dropdown under Change only text size. You will see the items that you can change the text size are Title Bars, Menus, Message Boxes, Palette Titles, Icons and Tool Tips.

Select Menus and choose a new font size.

Change the font size in Display settings

You cannot change the font that is used, but you can change the size and make it bold.

I found if I just change the menus size from 9 to 10 it makes the folder list text larger. It also increases the size of the ribbon which in my case is fine. One client changed almost everything to 12 which I think is a little over the top, but he really likes it. So if you are having trouble reading text in Office 2013 applications, play around with it and I think you will be able make some adjustments which will really improve the look and feel of outlook and other applications as well.

Thanks Cowboy!

Change Font size in Windows 8 Video Tutorial

In Windows 7, the Font settings are in Personalization > Windows Color. The Menu font and font size used by all applications can be changed. Because it is used by all applications, I don't recommend changing it more than a size or two.

Change Windows Font size

Outlook 2010's folder list has it's own folder list font setting in View > Navigation Pane > Options.

Change Folder list font size in Outlook 2010


  1. Donna says

    how do I get the home screen in office outlook on widows 8 enlarge? I cannot find settings, and cannot program a computer.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Which version of Outlook do you use? What exactly do you want to enlarge?

      For the fonts in the folder list, Minimize or Close all windows on the Desktop. Right click on the desktop and choose Personalize. Click on the dropdown under Change only text size. Choose Menus and select a larger size.

  2. craig says

    Changing the windows font scaling is not always a good option. It breaks some functionality in Chrome when using a secondary monitor.

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