Show Separate Business and Personal Calendars

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There’s a simple solution for all versions of Microsoft Outlook, thanks to Richard S. Champlin:

  1. Add two categories — Personal and Business work fine — and apply one or the other to each of your appointments.
  2. Create two filters for the Calendar folder, one to show only the Personal category, the other displaying only the Business category. (Or you might set up the second filter to show everything that isn’t the Personal category — just to make sure you don’t miss any uncategorized appointments.) To create a filter, in Outlook 97, choose View | Filter; in Outlook 98 or Outlook 2000, View | Current View | Customize Current View | Filter.
  3. Right-click the Calendar icon in the Outlook Bar and choose Open in New Window. Apply the Personal-only filter to this window.
  4. Right-click the Calendar icon in the Outlook Bar and choose Open in New Window. (This is the second Calendar window) Apply the other filter to this window.

You should now have 3 Outlook windows — one for your Personal calendar, one for the rest of your appointments and the original window, where you can view e-mail, Contacts, etc. If you still have all three open when you close Outlook, the Calendar windows, with their filter settings, should be restored the next time you run Outlook.

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