Outlook 2003 Calendar Duplex Printing Bug

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Microsoft Outlook 2003’s duplex calendar printing is broken. Instead of beginning a duplex page on the back of the first page, so that when it’s put in a binder, the first half of the month on the left and the second half on the right, Outlook prints the first page on the front of sheet one and the second half on the back.

In order to have a correctly printed duplex calendar, you’ll need to print to an electronic format (Office Document Imager works well) and print the electronic document, adding a blank page if necessary.

More Information

Duplex printing in Outlook 2003 results in incorrect page count — When you print a document to a printer that has the duplex option enabled, the page count may be increased by 1.

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2 responses to “Outlook 2003 Calendar Duplex Printing Bug”

  1. Art Ford

    Hi Diane:
    I need to print two pages of the calendar each day: "Daily Style" and "Calendar Details Style" as pages 1-2 of same document so that they can be printed via duplex printing on both sides of one piece of paper.
    How would I set up Outlook to do that?

    1. Diane Poremsky

      Outlook doesn't support anything like that - you'd have to print to PDF or electronic image and put the pages in the order you want to print. Sorry. I don't think any of the print utilities support this sort of printing either.

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