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In Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, go to File, Options, Calendar. The Reminders setting is near the top of the dialog. Clear the checkbox to disable reminders on new items.
Outlook 2010 Reminders

Bug in Outlook 2010 RTM: Default Reminders longer than one day won’t save This bug was fixed, if you are affected by this bug, make sure the latest updates are installed.

In Outlook 2007 and earlier, choose Tools | Options. On the Preferences tab, clear the Default reminder box.


Meeting Reminders are set for the recipient bug affects meetings sent to Exchange server mailboxes: All day events without reminders are set to use the default appointment reminder, which many people leave at 15 minutes, which can cause issues when synced with smartphones (the reminders for all day events go off at 11:45 pm).

More Information

For more information, see A meeting reminder is still active when you configure Outlook to send no reminders to an Exchange Server 2007 user

In Outlook 97, there is no comparable setting. If you are still using Outlook 1997 you will need to remember to clear the Reminder box every time you don’t want a reminder for an appointment.


  1. Matthew says

    Thank you for this advice. I wonder if you can help with a problem my secretary and I are facing. She and I have unchecked default reminders in File/Options/Calendar (Office 2010), but when she sends a meeting request out to me it adds a 15 minute default reminder. She has full editor rights on my account, so when she simply adds an appointment to my calendar this does not happen. It is something to do with meeting requests only where the factory default seems to kick back in.


  2. Jon H says

    It is clear that MS limited the ability to set my own defaults for appointments in outlook 2013. why is this, to better serve corporate customers, reduce syncing problems? Any ideas? it is really disappointing that they took away the option to set up my appointment defaults as if they know how everyone likes to work. All the more reason to switch to apple or open source.

  3. Jennifer says

    Having the same issue as Matthew. Outlook is ignoring the check box and continues to add a 15 minute reminder to new appointments. The drop down box should have the option of NONE.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Are you using Exchange server? There is a bug that adds a reminder to meetings but it was fixed by an update to the exchange server.

  4. Sue Goltyakova says

    I don't know if it's too late to add a comment here, but I have the opposite problem - I've set the default reminder to 15 minutes, but it only adds the reminder to appointments that I create myself. Any appointment from someone else has no reminder and I've missed several important calls! This has never happened in the past.

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