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Outlook users often ask how they can edit a meeting request and not send updates to the attendees.

I need to change the location of an Outlook meeting and do not want to send the update to the other 15 people on the invite list.

Outlook was designed to send updates when you change the location or time of the meetings because the attendees need to know when and where the meeting is. You also can't avoid sending an update when you add a attendee, for the very same reason.

Adding Notes to a meeting request should never send updates. If Outlook wants to send an update and the only change was notes, make sure you have the latest updates for your version of Outlook.

If you are changing the time to add travel or preparation time, I highly recommend creating an appointment for the extra time instead. Use the Notes field for location changes.

Work offline iconHowever, there is a way to trick Outlook into thinking the update was sent: set Outlook offline before sending the update, then open the Outbox and delete the update before going back online.

Delete a Meeting Update

  1. Work offline iconSet Outlook offline by clicking the Work Offline button on the Send/Receive tab (Outlook 2010/2013) or File, Work Offline in older versions. Alternately, you can disable your network connection, either by unplugging the network cable or turning off the wireless adapter.
  2. Edit the meeting time or location.
  3. Click the Send Update button when finished.
  4. Go to the Outbox, select the meeting update and delete. Or you can open the meeting update then click X to close and the meeting disappears from the Outbox.
  5. Repeat Step 1 to put Outlook back online.

This is not a perfect solution and I know of at least one issue: if someone accepts or declines the meeting after you delete the update, meeting tracking wont be updated. You'll need to change their status manually.

This method will work for all new meetings or to delete meetings when you don't want to send the cancellation notice.


    • Diane Poremsky says

      No, if you don't send updates, the meeting won't be deleted from the attendees calendar.

  1. Molly Dunton says

    If you change the description and don't send the update, does the change show up in everyone else's calendar?


  2. Ron says

    how can i simly update a change on the meeting invite as an informational update and not require anyone to respond to my update?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Once they accepted it, the meeting should update automatically, they don't need to accept it again.

  3. Ev says

    Sometimes when I add/delete attendees to a meeting,Outlook will ask if I want to send the updated to all attendees or only to the ones added/deleted. Other times it does not ask me that question and all attendees get the update everytime I change attendees. What do I need to do to assure that I always get that option?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      You should always get the all or one question if you only changed attendees. If you made any other changes, it will send to all. I don't know of any way to change that behavior.

    • David says

      In Outlook 2007, whether you are prompted or not for a decision when adding or deleting attendees depends on which screen you send the update from.

      Clicking the "Send Update" button from the "Appointment" screen results in the decision prompt. Clicking the "Send" button from the :"Scheduling Assistant" screen will not result in a decision prompt. Weird but true.

  4. Paula says

    How do I delete one person from a meeting without Outlook sending a cancellation to the whole group? Why does it do that!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      It should only send the cancellation to the one person, not everyone.

      Set Outlook offline, remove the person's name, delete the update from the outbox, go back online.

  5. Mi says

    How can I avoid that an update sent by the one who organises the meeting overwrites all notes any invitee had made in the originally planned meeting? (i.e: someone accepts an invite, writes down some items as a memo for this meeting - the meeting gets postponed - he/she gets an update, and al their notes are gone)

    • Diane Poremsky says

      The only way to totally avoid it is to not update the meeting - copy it in place and edit the copy (select it, ctrl+c,v). You can't block updates from the organizer.

    • Gary says

      Hello Dianne, when I click send update it does not send it. The screen just sits there and never sends updates to everyone. But when I close the meeting update it does appear on calendar.

  6. Gemma Sturtridge says

    Thanks very much for this! I recently changed job and needed to remove meetings from my calendar but not the other attendees.

  7. John says

    I recently set up a bunch of meetings and invited attendees and made a silly mistake. I was supposed to set them up on behalf of my boss in her group calendar, but instead set them all up in my own personal calendar... I hesitate to ask as I've been searching all over online for an answer to no avail, but is there any way to move these meetings to the calendar I should have set them up in? If so, will this move the attendees to the new calendar as well?

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      You can move it, but it won't pick up updates or responses. (You can update the responses yourself.)

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      BTW, the attendees names will show but you will still be the organizer - you can't change that.

  8. Friendly NBhood siderman says

    not sure if this has been said, but if you were declined from a meeting room (so Location will be the same), and its free - if you forward the invite to the meeting room... you don't have to update all but you will score the spot. Hope this helps

  9. Aileen says

    I created a meeting invite in Outlook 2010 and sent it. Then the next day I added some additional people and sent it to the new people only (worked fine). Today when I added some more people and sent it to only the new people it sent it to them but randomly sent meeting cancellations to some of the original recipients. The meeting remained in my diary and those that I added were able to accept the meeting request. My question is how/why did it decided to cancel the meeting for some people? Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Did you remove any of the names from the attendees list? It will send cancellations if any addresses were removed.

  10. Peta Sinclair says

    Outlook used to have three options, one of which was to make a change WITHOUT notifying everyone! Why can't this be included again??

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      I don't recall that option... but if you can any of the important details like location and time (or attendees), it will send updates.

      Changes to the notes field shouldn't send an update but it occasionally asks to. You can usually save changes by hitting the Save icon then closing (click the X) without saving (because you already saved it.:))

  11. Sophalin says

    It doesn't work. I followed the step. Went offline. Updated, changed and rescheduled my meetings. I went back online. Everyone received the updates!!!!!

    • Roy says

      You may have missed the step to delete the outgoing message from your Outbox. If that is deleted, there is no way anyone can receive an update.

  12. Elaine says

    MS Outlook 2010 issue someone send an invite to her,
    if it is an update to the invite, she is getting no response is needed with the invite,
    next user deletes the email, or no response needed when they send an update to the invite it changes her to the originator, and is not updating her calendar

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