Outlook 2013 Updates and Hotfixes

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Outlook Updates and Hotfixes November 11 2014

November 11, 2014 update for Outlook 2013 (KB2899504) addresses two issues:

Outlook displays certificate errors when it tries to obtain Exchange settings using AutoDiscover. With the update installed, the connection silently fails instead of displaying the certificate error dialog.

Outlook may be unable to download the Offline Address Book (OAB) from the Exchange Server, due to the OAB Download thread running in a loop unable to authenticate. This can prevent email from synchronizing, especially when you have multiple accounts all trying to download an OAB at the same time.

Outlook 2013 January 14 2014 updates

In with this month's security updates was one non-security update for Outlook 2013 MSI installations. This update addresses the following issues affecting users connecting to Exchange 2007 mailboxes after installing the Outlook 2013 November 2013 security update.

This update fixes these problems:
When you try to configure the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) feature, you receive an error message that states your automatic reply settings cannot be displayed because the server is currently unavailable. Additionally, you cannot retrieve Free/Busy data for calendar scheduling, and add-ins that use the Account.SmtpAddress property no longer work. This occurs because Autodiscover fails for Exchange 2007 configurations.

After you install the November 12, 2013 security update for Outlook 2013 or the October 2013 cumulative update, when you start Outlook, Outlook crashes.

Description of the Outlook 2013 update 2850061: January 14, 2014

Please note: these updates are installed automatically when you use a click to run installation. If you disabled automatic updates in File, Office Accounts, you can check for updates by clicking the Update Options, Update Now command.

Outlook 2013 October hotfix: Calendar Peek and more

Among the issues that the Outlook 2013 hotfix that came out this week addresses is one that annoys many users: the Calendar Peek displays appointments for the selected day only, not the next several appointments.

No more! The hotfix restores the behavior of the Calendar Peek to the behavior users were used to with the To-do Bar in older versions: it display appointments scheduled over the next 7 days.

Other fixes included in this hotfix:

When you mark an email message as read or unread in the Inbox folder in Outlook 2013, the position of the Inbox folder is changed in the Folder pane.

When you enable Touch Mode in Outlook 2013 on a touch device then hover the mouse pointer over a calendar item to see the information about the item, no information is displayed.

Issues affecting developers:

When try to add attachments to an email message that is an inline reply by using the Outlook Object Model (OOM) in Outlook 2013, the body of the email message reverts to the text of the original email message.

When you install a plugin that associates a form region together with the Reading pane in Outlook 2013 and open an inline reply then switch to another folder, two form regions are displayed for the email message.

Issues affecting Exchange server users:
When you set up an automatic reply, you receive and error message: Your automatic reply settings cannot be displayed because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later.

When your account password expired less than ten days ago and you log on Outlook 2013, you do not receive a password expiration notification.

When you synchronize Outlook 2013 with SharePoint Server, an alternative URL is used instead of the primary URL.

The administrator configures a resource forest that contains an Exchange server and configures a user forest that contains user accounts, and one of the user accounts is associated with a computer that has Outlook 2013 installed. When an email configuration test is run, the test fails.

Get the hotfix here:
Description of the Outlook 2013 hotfix package (Outlook-x-none.msp; Outlookintl-<Language-Code>.msp): October 16, 2013

Outlook 2013 August 13 2013 update

Each of the three current versions of Outlook have updates available this month. Four updates were released for Outlook 2013. - one update and three hotfixes. The update should be installed automatically, but the hotfixes will need to be downloaded and installed if you are affected by anything they fix.

The first Outlook 2013 update doesn't really do anything, it just is. Ok, I'm just trying to be funny (and not doing a very good job at it)... the update addresses performance issues, not bugs. if it's not automatically installed, you can download it from Description of the Outlook 2013 update: August 13, 2013

The first hotfix addresses a handful of issues:

  • When you use Israel time zone and accept a meeting request, Outlook crashes.
  • When you add a meeting room to a meeting request, the meeting room is removed if the request is sent to a group whose display name contains Japanese characters.
  • When you use retention policies, the wrong retention date is displayed for sent messages.
  • Excel crashes when you use the Send as Attachment feature to send a spreadsheet.

Download the hotfix from Description of the Office 2013 hotfix package (Outexum-x-none.msp): August 13, 2013

The second hotfix also covers just a handful of issues, some of which annoyed me:

  • When you design a custom contact form, the phone and email address fields are labeled incorrectly.
  • You cannot select the IMAP Inbox folder under the Folder Options heading in the Send/Receive Settings dialog box.
  • IMAP sub folders do not synchronize with one another after you configure a root path for the account.
  • Outlook 2013 in a domain environment uses the external host name to connect to mailboxes that are not the primary mailbox, such as auto-mapped mailboxes, modern public folders, and archive mailboxes.

Get this hotfix at Description of the Outlook 2013 hotfix package (Outlook-x-none.msp; Outlookintl-en-us.msp): August 13, 2013

The final Outlook 2013 hotfix covers a lot of problems. If any of these problems affect you, you can download the hotfix from Description of the Outlook 2013 hotfix package (Outlook-x-none.msp): August 13, 2013  As always, check the KB article for complete details on any of the issues listed below.

General issues addressed by this hotfix:

  • Outlook 2013 crashes when you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM installed.
  • The conversation ID of an item is different in Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App.
  • When you add a delegate, you receive the following error message: The Delegates settings were not saved correctly. Unable to activate send-on-behalf-of list. You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object.
  • When you register a provider in MAPISVC.INF, the full path of the provider DLL cannot contain periods.
  • When you sync Outlook with SharePoint in Office 365, the task list is displayed as changed.
  • When you disable and then re-enable a rule that applies a retention policy on received items, the retention date of affected items is set incorrectly.
  • When you make an Exchange Web Services (EWS) request that contains Unicode characters or fetches Unicode characters through an Outlook Mail App, you receive an error message: Invalid character in the given encoding.
  • When you change the OutlookSecureTempFolder string value to change the temporary file path then restart Outlook and open an attachment from an email message, the temporary file is saved in the Temporary Internet Files folder.
  • When you configure an email profile in online mode and restart Outlook, search folders are removed.
  • When you create a new profile or run the Test E-mail AutoConfiguration task, you receive a certificate warning.

Calendar and meeting issues addressed:

  • When you send a sharing email message to share the calendar, you receive the following error message: Error while preparing to send sharing message.
  • When you schedule a meeting, the attendees' free/busy information on the Scheduling Assistant tab is unavailable.
  • When you open a meeting request, the organizer of the meeting is displayed as a legacy distinguished name if the meeting request is created by an account that is hidden or missing in the offline address book.
  • When you open a shared calendar, you cannot see items that have a "free" status even if you have the access to see the free/busy items.
  • When you create a meeting request, you can only receive room suggestions for the first 12 working hours from the working start time.
  • When you have an additional calendar In your profile, the mailbox address on the calendar label is light gray and difficult to read.
  • When enable the Calendar option to "delete responses that don't contain comments" then receive a response to a meeting, the blank response is not deleted after it is tracked.
  • When you open a saved meeting item or appointment item twice, you cannot change the sensitivity of the item.
  • When you use Schedule View for a shared calendar that contains many categorized items, the appointments take longer than expected to appear when you scroll.
  • Free/Busy information displays no information when your domain account and Office 365 account have the same user principal name (UPN) but different passwords and create a meeting request in Office 365, inviting users who have not yet migrated to Office 365.

Email issues that are addressed by this hotfix:

  • When a user's job title includes "On Behalf Of" and you receive a message that is sent by a user on behalf of another user then forward the message, "On Behalf Of" in the From field resolves to the user who has the "On Behalf Of" text in their job title.
  • When you open a sent item two times, you cannot see the tracking information on the item.
  • When you send an email message that has a retention policy applied, the sent email message displays an incorrect retention date.
  • When the Reply All button function is disabled, the the Reply All button in the reading pane isn't disabled.
  • When you use the Send as Attachment function in Excel to send a spreadsheet as an attachment, Excel 2013 crashes.
  • When you turn off the option to display photos of message senders and recipients but have an Outlook Mail App installed, the white space between the ribbon and the email message header increases on the reading pane.

Office updates for July

Several Outlook 2013 Outlook.com / EAS sync issues were fixed in the July update Description of the Outlook 2013 update: July 9, 2013.

  • The [1] suffix is appended to the calendar names in the Calendar module
    and the Tasks – prefix is missing at the beginning of the calendar names in the Tasks module. This was the result of Task folders in Outlook using the same name as the calendar. It is now fixed.
  • The "Reply-To" header is set unexpectedly.
  • There is no Mail to keep offline setting (Sync Slider) for EAS accounts in Outlook 2013. The update adds a slider with the choice of 1 month or all.
  • When you change the email message retention preference for an EAS account in Outlook 2013, the strings for the retention preference are in English, and not localized.
  • When you change the dots per inch (DPI) setting in Windows to a high value such as 125 DPI or 150 DPI, some icons in Outlook 2013 are displayed incorrectly.
  • One of the July updates appears to fix the double printing issue in Outlook 2013's calendar. In this bug, when you print a Calendar using the details style, appointments are printed twice. It's not listed in any KB, but appointments are no longer duplicated in the details printout.

Outlook 2013 April updates

Three hotfixes for Outlook 2013 were released this week. The first update affects Outlook.com accounts and fixed the following issues:

  • Duplicate messages were visible in Outlook. Deleting the duplicate deleted both copies.
  • Using something other than UTF-8 encoding (for example, Japanese (EUC)) resulted in the content not displaying correctly. (This issue also requires the Word hotfix in KB2768007)
  • Email messages that contain non-ASCII characters do not display correctly

In a quick test, it appears the problem with HTML code in the notes field of contacts might be fixed. Unfortunately, not only did the HTML code disappear, but the company was removed from the affected contacts too. The category was removed too, but I was aware of that bug. Three bugs down, more to go.

Read more about this hotfix at
Description of the Outlook 2013 update: April 9, 2013

The second hotfix addresses a problem where meeting requests do not show a room list and the Play on Phone feature (for unified messaging) does not work when used against Exchange 2013.

Description of the Outlook 2013 hotfix package (Outexum-x-none.msp): April 9, 2013

The final hotfix is applies to the German version of Office and Windows, and fixed a problem where Ctrl+Alt+Q does not insert the @ sign.

Description of the Outlook 2013 hotfix package (outlook-x-none.msp; outlookintl-en-us.msp): April 9, 2013

List of all Office 2007, 2010, and 2013 hotfixes released this week:

Description of the Office updates: April 9, 2013

Outlook 2013 March Update

An update for Outlook 2013 was released within the last week. This update contains fixes for several Outlook.com / Hotmail issues, but does not fix the two biggest complaints I see: Contacts doesn't sync and the notes field in contacts contain HTML code.

It does fix the infamous "There are too many devices syncing with this account" error that some users with multiple devices have hit.

The other Outlook.com EAS issues addressed is a bug where users are erroneously prompted to save changes and one where messages that contain non-ASCII characters are displayed incorrectly.

The rest of the fixes addressed relate to using 125 or 150DPI and fuzzy or imperfect icons:

  • The chevron in the Folder Pane of Outlook 2013 unexpectedly displays a white outline.
  • The resize pointer is fuzzy.
  • The weather icons are fuzzy.
  • Calendar overlay arrow on the secondary calendar is fuzzy.

The Spanish and Dutch grammar and spelling tools are updated.

For more information, see Description of the Outlook 2013 update: March 12, 2013

Outlook 2013 February 2013 Updates

Microsoft released a lot of Office updates this week. Assuming I counted right, there were 11 updates named "Description of the Office 2013 update: February 12, 2013". Certainly Microsoft could be a little more creative and informative with the titles. Sheesh. At least add a number so we know which one is which and which ones we've already reviewed.

There were three Outlook 2013 hotfixes in this package of updates.

KB 2752039 (Outlook-x-none.msp) addresses these issues:

  • Outlook 2013 doesn't remember credentials when connecting to an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server.
  • If you use the Chinese lunar calendar in Outlook 2013 or in an earlier version of Outlook, the Gregorian date does not convert to the correct Lunar date.
  • Recent messages are not included in the search results when you have attachment types in your mailbox that are excluded from search.
  • Choosing Tentative and Propose New Time then proposing a new time results in an error message.

KB 2752007 (outlook-x-none.msp; outlookintl-en-us.msp) applies to Outlook.com/Hotmail accounts accessed by Outlook. Occasionally, all email messages are deleted and downloaded again later.

KB 2760231 (Mso-x-none.msp) is an Office hotfix that addresses a couple of issues in Outlook:

  • When you connect Outlook 2013 (retail version) to a third-party provider such as LinkedIn or Facebook and open the people pane in collapsed mode, status messages from the provider are truncated and displayed as incomplete.
  • Office crashes when you change the Microsoft account password in File, Account (Office Account in Outlook)

KB 2760337 (Msointl-en-us) is another Office hotfix that may affect Outlook. Active Directory users who go to File, Account (Office Account in Outlook), and attempt to add Images & Videos or Sharing, will see no services displayed until they connect to a SkyDrive account.

For more information about all of the Office 2013 updates and to download the hotfixes, see

Description of the Office 2013 update: February 12, 2013
Contains a list of KB articles describing the updates to individual Office applications.

Office 2013 cumulative update for February 2013
List of all updates included in the February 2013 CU.

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19 responses to “Outlook 2013 Updates and Hotfixes”

  1. Karen

    I am trying to sign out of my hotmail account, which was automatically changed to Outlook, so that I can access another hotmail account (which I don't frequently access).
    I have been looking at different 'Outlook help' websites for hours now and still can't figure it out. Please, can you tell me how to 'log out' of Outlook with the hotmail account I have been using? Every time I shut hotmail off and try to restart it, it comes up with my same old email address. I don't want to replace either 'homail' account, I just want to access the other one. Thank you.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      You're using a web browser? If it won't stay logged out, you are logging into a site using the address as a liveid. The solution I use with Internet Explorer is Ctrl+Shift+P to open a new browser window using 'in private browsing'. You can do this and be logged into both accounts at once.

  2. Dolores Coopet

    Unable to open Outlook 2013. It asks for an exchange account. I am using Microsoft exchange mail. Does this mean I can’t use Outlook. I have spent hours searching for a solution. This is on my personal computer, no network. What to do when the program won't even open. So frustrating.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      Go to Control panel, search for Mail and edit the profile. Delete the account from the profile and create the correct account type.

  3. peter

    all these replies are rubbish to the non computer nerd. Diane doesn't want to delete an account. and control shift p has no effect on my computer. there was a sign out panel on hotmail...what lunatic decided that it was no longer needed...I am trying to access my wife's account to print airline tickets...every time i log in it goes to MY account....who are these nutters who re-make the world according to THEIR preferences...I am climbing the wall

    1. Diane Poremsky

      If you need to log into another person's outlook.com aka Hotmail account, you can use InPrivate browsing so you don't need to sign out of your own account. In IE, it's under the Gear icon ( or Tools menu) > Safety menu - that is highlighted in the green box in my screenshot below. Keyboarders can use Ctrl+Shift+P keyboard shortcut to start an InPrivate browsing session. If you normally use Firefox or Chrome, use IE to access her account.

      To sign out, click on your name on the right to expand the menu where Sign Out is - that is highlighted in red in the screenshot.

      Sign out

      Also note that this page is about Outlook 2013, the desktop client. The replies make perfect sense when you are using Outlook 2013. :)

  4. Britt

    With the recent updates, my Outlook 2007 can send but NOT receive e-mails. The one thing that I find is if I reboot, it will work a few times, but then goes back to not working. Not sure why.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      Do you get any error messages in the send and receive dialog?

  5. Raza

    Hi Diane,

    In outlook 2013 I keep getting a "Error while preparing to send sharing message." while sharing a calendar but the August hotfix is no longer available! Any workarounds except using owa.


    1. Diane Poremsky

      They pulled it due to problems with the path, so for now, you need to use OWA. Sorry.

  6. Harry Bonning

    Hi Diane - hope you can help. Office 2013 installed with Outlook 2013. I have exactly the problem mentioned in the August Hot Fix - my main email address will not download emails but will from gmail etc. Have now downloaded 3 different fixes including that mentioned above - they all tell me the software for that fix is not installed on my computer.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      Which office suite do you have installed? The hotfixes are not for the Click to Run installations, which is Home Premium and of the other suites available to home and small business users. updates for the C2R versions is installed automatically - go to file, Office Account, Office updates to see if there are any updates to install.

  7. Harry Bonning

    Thank you for your reply. Having posted the query I then looked through other pages on your site and found the answer there - add Inbox to the Root folder and now it all works. This is with the Home & Business 2013 edition.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      Thanks for letting us know what worked. Outlook 2013 IMAP Troubles

  8. Harry Bonning

    I have another problem if you can help please. My personal gmail account through OUTLOOK 2013 stopped working. Repair and Change did not work. Whatever settings I put in (and I tried pretty well every combination possible!) I keep getting the pop email address authentication box. I have enabled IMAP in Gmail. I have deleted the account from Outlook and tried a clean install. Nothing. Same every time. Now Outlook does not even show the incoming/outgoing mail servers, none of the Port combinations work. SSL/TSL etc. After I had everything working fine following the problem I had previously, this is very frustrating. Any ideas please? My two other gmail accounts work fine (so far!) and I have copied the settings from them to no avail.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      Did you get any error messages? When did the problem start? It's possible an update caused your problems.

  9. Harry Bonning

    Thank you for the reply. The only change was that I had installed Hotspot Shield earlier. The other two gmail accounts have also now stopped working with OUTLOOK. WHen I now try to add my personal gmail account as a new account to OUTLOOK, I get a box which says "Enter your user name and password for the following server - Server imap.gmail.com - USer Name - hbonning@gmail.com - Password ********. Save to password list is unchecked." I have checked and double checked all the settings as advised and they are correct.

  10. Nick Root

    Hi Diane,
    For the October Hotfix it says to "When you enable touch mode then hover the mouse pointer over a calendar item to see the information about the item, no information is displayed." Is this while being in the calendar or to-do bar? I am in calendar, on week or work week arrangement, on the quick access tool bar I added and enabled touch mode. When I hover over a calendar item/entry the preview will pop up stating the subject, start/end time, organizer, and reminder. Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to not have the preview appear. I appreciate your response! thank you!!!

  11. Mel Toadvine

    Why in hell didn't Microsoft just leave Hotmail alone with it was purchased. Hotmail worked for years without any problems; now it is the worst email there is and many of us are angry because so many people have our emails. When we go to different computers to call up our accounts, emails are still there that were deleted on another computer from home. They all show up at work. Outlook or Hotmail, whatever Microsoft wants to call it is really horrible. What did Microsoft hire when they this thing over, a bunch of absolure idiots. If Microsoft is reading this, quit being so damned defenseive. Just stop the crap and return it to what it was before you nasty hands and stupid nerds started messing with it. I am going to have to leave and go to Google.com. Hotmail just doesn't do it anymore for me, Microsoft is meddling too much with its products.

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