New Features in Outlook 2003

Last reviewed on April 11, 2012

Outlook 2003 includes new features in many different areas. We will be adding more information to this page as we get to know the product better.

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User Interface

Outlook 2003 introduces the first major change in the user interface since Outlook 97. For details, see Managing the Microsoft Outlook 2003 Interface.

When a user first opens Outlook, the Favorite Folders list shows Inbox, Unread Mail, For Follow Up, and Sent Items. Unread Mail and For Follow Up are examples of the new “search folders” in Outlook 2003. These are virtual folders that stay updated automatically, similar to what you would see in Advanced Find. The Unread Mail search folder will show all unread messages in all mail folders. The For Follow-Up search folder shows all items flagged for follow up. Users can create new search folders using a dozen included templates or any search performed with the Find or Advanced Find features.


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Click the image below to see a larger screen shot of side-by-side calendars.

  • Checkboxes to show other calendars side-by-side with your own Calendar folder.
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  • Read-only viewing of calendars in SharePoint Team Services webs
  • Feature to create a “Meeting Workplace” in SharePoint Team Services and link it with a meeting request
  • New rule to send an alert to your mobile device when a meeting is updated

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Contacts & Address Book



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