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You can update English-language versions of Microsoft Outlook 2000 by applying Office 2000 Service Release 1/1a (SR-1). SR-1 has been updated to handle a problem that affected Windows 2000 users who had upgraded from Windows NT. Technically, that makes it SR-1a, but we’ll still call it SR-1 for convenience, since the features have not changed.

If you installed Outlook or Office 2000 from CD, you must have access to your Office 2000 or Outlook 2000 CD (whichever you installed) when you install SR-1. See OFF2000: Why Office 2000 SR-1 Update Requires the Office CDs for a detailed explanation. After you install SR-1, whenever you install new components, Office will use the SR-1 version automatically.

If you installed Outlook or Office 2000 from a network installation point, do not apply SR-1 unless your administrator tells you to do so. The administrator will need to apply a special version of SR-1 to update the network installation.

If you use Office 97 along with Outlook 2000, SR-1 will not update your Office 97 files, only those of Outlook 2000.

There is a separate Service Release 1 update for Office 2000 Developer.

Microsoft will make other language versions of SR-1 available as soon as they’re finished.

Obtaining Office 2000 Service Release 1 | For Administrators | Support Folder Updates | Features and Fixes | Problems | More Information

Obtaining Office SR-1

Please note: Office 2000 SR1 is no longer available for download from Microsoft. You will need to download SR3.

Be sure to read Office 2000 (SR-1) Update Step-by-Step Installation Instructions so you’ll understand the download and update process.

For Administrators

You can get the administrative update or standard update via download or by ordering the update CD. See Deploying Office 2000 Service Release 1 for detailed instructions on how to:

  • Deploy the administrative update to upgrade an Office 2000 network installation point. Users can then run Setup.exe to update their copies of Office 2000, or the administrator can add a command to the user’s login script to run Setup in quiet mode.
  • Deploy the separate MSP files so network users can get the standard SR-1 update from a local server, rather than the Internet

Also see How to Obtain SR-1 for Administrative Installations

Support Folder Updates

The Support folder on the update CD contains several operating system-specific updates related to Outlook. See OFF2000: Explanation of Updates in Support Folder on SR-1 Updatefor details on how to install these:

These updates are not included in the download version of SR-1. Some people have reported seeing them at the Windows Update site, since they are operating system-specific, but we haven’t been so lucky.

Features and Fixes

Office 2000 Service Release 1 includes at least three new Outlook features:

Outlook fixes included in SR-1:







Offline users

Windows 2000

Interoperability and Import/export


Custom Forms

Outlook View Control

Other Programming/Design Issues




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