To back up Outlook Rules Wizard rules

Rules are stored in .rwz files with the name of your profile. However, just copying the .rwz file to another machine doesn't always work. Instead, export the rules: Choose Tools | Rules Wizard, and then click Options. In the Options dialog box, click Export Rules, and choose a file location. Reverse the process to import  

How Exchange Assistant Rules Work

This technical discussion first appeared on the msexchange discussion list on September 6, 1996. Thanks to Scott Briggs of Microsoft to allowing his explanation to be republished here. Technically, rules are not profile-specific. The Exchange Server itself has no knowledge of profiles in the client sense. The profile-specific nature of rules is merely the way  

Filter messages forwarded from another user's mailbox

If you connect to Microsoft Exchange Server and are receiving mail sent to more than one address (for example, both to your own mailbox and to a staff member that you're covering for while she's on maternity leave), you will probably want to set up a rule to route the other person's mail into a  

Custom actions in rules

Custom actions are not included with Microsoft Outlook, but are add-ons in the form of .dll's created with C++ that add new capabilities to Outlook rules. Examples include printing automatically or adding a recipient to your address book. For a list of custom actions you can add, see: Custom Actions for Rules — Source code  

Out-of-Office is missing or grayed out

The Out-of-Office Assistant is missing Out-of-office Assistant is for Microsoft Exchange mailboxes only. Look for it on the File menu is Outlook 2010 or on the Tools menu in older versions. If you don't have an Exchange mailbox, you'll need to replicate it's actions using Rules Wizard, or better yet, use your email server's "vacation  

How to Copy Outlook Folder Views

How to use Outlook's Copy Folder Design command to replicate permissions, rules, forms, and views to another folder in your Exchange server profile.

Apply Conditional Formatting to Internal Email

An Outlook user posed this question: I'm trying to change the color of all of the messages which is coming from the local machine but no luck. Its working fine for other domains but not for the local domain. The conditional formatting rule did not work because mail sent from Exchange mailboxes does not use  

How to Change the Font used for Outlook's RSS Feeds

If you don't care for Calibri font as the default for RSS feeds, you need to use a macro to change the font (on font size) as the font cannot be changed by the user. We have code samples for both Outlook 2010 and 2007.

Show a desktop alert when rules move messages

Problem: Rules are moving messages to other folders but you'd like to see the desktop alert that shows the sender and subject for a few seconds in the lower right corner of your screen. Or you only want the desktop alert to display for messages from certain people. Solution: Create a rule with the action  

Rules in Error and Reply with Template

This bug was fixed in Outlook 2010 in the July 2011 hotfix. Beginning with Outlook 2007 SP2 (and continuing in Outlook 2010), there is a bug in the rules engine which causes reply with template rules to fail. I was hoping for a hotfix when I saw a newly released KB article referring to "Rules