Beginning with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, the taskpad is replaced by the To-do bar, which is visible in all Outlook folders. In addition, the Calendar folder has a Daily task list, which replaces the taskpad in older versions.

The "tasks for the selected day" view is not available in either Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2007.

This section contains information about Microsoft Outlook Tasks, the To-Do list, and To-Do Bar.

How to use Outlook Tasks

Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook Tasks. Common questions answered. Learn how to use assigned tasks, move tasks, mark tasks complete and keep the reminder.

Change the look of the TaskPad in the Calendar

Outlook 2007 and newer show a task list at the bottom of the dates in the Calendar's day or week view as well as the task list in the To-Do Bar. You can change the view by right clicking on Arrange By and choosing a new view. The task list at the end of the  

"Type a task" Due date and reminder times

When you use the Type a task field in the To-do bar, the due date is set automatically for you, picked up from the Quick Click flag setting. The reminder time is based on the Quick Flag – Today flags have reminders set for one hour before the end of your work day as set  

Filter the To-Do List to Show Only Tasks

How to create a custom filter to show only Tasks in the To-Do Bar folder.

Calculate Days Overdue and Days to Complete Tasks

Outlook doesn't track extensions and date changes, but you can view the number days overdue and days to complete each task using custom fields.

Create a Series of Tasks Leading up to an Appointment

The code sample on this page creates tasks from a selected appointment, with each task due in the days leading up to the appointment.

Create a Series of Tasks using VBA

Using VBA, you can automatically create a series of Outlook tasks based on a task or appointment. You can create the tasks leading up to an appointment or task or following an appointment or task.

Always use Tasks, not Outlook's To-Do List

How to use VBA to always select the desired Task folder when you open the Tasks navigation pane.

How to create a "Next 21 days" Task filter

How to use SQL filters to create a filter to show the next 21 days (or any period of your choosing) in Advanced find, custom views, or search folders.

What is the "Custom Priority" field?

The Custom Priority field seen in Outlook's Tasks folder is used with linked SharePoint server tasks lists.

Can't Accept or Decline Tasks

When you send tasks to someone, the recipients needs to use Outlook to accept or decline the task. If the recipient receives a plain text message, your mail server is removing the TNEF data that tells Outlook it's a task. If you are using Exchange server, the Administrator may have the server configured to remove  

Syncing Outlook Tasks with Hotmail and Windows Phone

Outlook 2013's Active Sync support "fixes" this problem – task sync to and to the mobile devices that sync with We get the occasional question asking when the Outlook Connector will support syncing Tasks with Hotmail.  Over the past several weeks, I've had several users ask if the Hotmail Connector is going to  

Open a webpage when a Task reminder fires

This simple macro uses a Task to open a web address in Internet Explorer when a reminder fires.

Creating Outlook Tasks "x" Days from a Date

How to calculate dates in Outlook Tasks and create a series of Outlook Tasks based off of one date.