Outlook Journal Issues

This section deals with issues involving Outlook's Journal feature.

Note that the Journal and Activities features are deprecated in Outlook 2010 and about the only thing left in Outlook 2013 is the Journal folder.

Due to changes relating to the deprecation, the Contact Activities do not include Journal items. OneNote is a possible replacement for the journal. I have a VBA sample to Copy Outlook Journal Entries to OneNote.

Journal Articles

Add additional Journal entry types

Outlook's Journal comes with a limited number of entry types but you can add custom Journal entry types by editing the registry.

Create a journal entry for Word documents in Outlook 2013

I don't recommend that new users start using the Journal, but if anyone who used journal with an older version of Outlook and upgraded to Outlook 2013, can use a bit of VBA magic to autojournal documents.

Creating a Public Journal for Outlook

A major shortcoming with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server is the lack of an obvious method for creating public journal entries for contact records in a public folder. I explain the problem and include some possible approaches developed by the Exchange/Outlook community.

Link a Journal Entry for a Word or Excel Document to a Contact

Outlook tracks Office documents automatically (if you set up the Journal options that way), but does not associate documents with particular contacts. Try creating a journal entry for the...

Making the Journal work in Outlook 2013

I'm going to begin this by saying that I really think it's time to find another solution for journaling. I have no idea how many more versions we'll see...

To Log a Phone Call to a Contact

Let’s say you have a person named Bob as a contact. In Contacts, select Bob and drag that contact record to the Journal icon on the Outlook Bar. A...

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