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  • Adding Birthdays and Anniversaries to Outlook's Calendar

    Help managing Contact birthdays that are automatically added by Outlook to your calendar. Included are macros to added birthdays for imported contacts and to change the reminder time.

  • Automatically Add Addresses to Outlook Contacts

    How to use VBA to automatically add addresses you reply to, to your Outlook Contacts folder.

  • Batch Import Photos into Outlook Contacts

    How to add photos to Outlook contacts, either by editing each contact or using VBA or a utility to add images to all contacts.

  • Bulk Change Email Display Name Format

    Use a macro to make changes to any Outlook contact field, by folder or by selection.

  • Bulk Change File As Format for Contacts

    Outlook Contacts offer a number of File As formats and this format can be used for the contact's name display in the Address Book. If you want to change the FileAs format on all of your contacts at once, you can use VBA. Complete, ready-to-use code is available.

  • Bulk Move Phone Numbers to a Different Phone Field

    How to use VBA to move Outlook's Contact phone numbers to a different phone number field. This is useful when syncing smartphones that support different fields.

  • Calling from an Outlook Contact does not work

    You may not be able to dial phone calls from Microsoft Outlook if Office Communicator or other phone applications are installed. You can fix the problem with a simple registry edit.

  • Categories vs. Multiple Contacts Folders

    You’ll find some debate over which method is better for managing different types of contacts — have more than one Contacts folder (Personal, Business, etc.) or use one Contacts...

  • Change the Company Name on Many Contacts

    Question: When a company’s name changes, is there an easy way to change all of the contacts for that company? Yes! Create a group by view and drag contacts...

  • Changing Outlook's Business Card layout

    An often asked question about Microsoft Outlook 2007 & 2010's Business card layout is how to change it for all contacts. While you can't globally change existing contacts directly,...

  • Company Name Exceeds 40 Characters

    The Company Name field in Outlook's Contacts are limited to 40 characters when you use the Outlook Hotmail Connector and the Notes field is limited to 1024 characters.

  • Contact Card does not update the user Title or Office in Outlook and OCS

    When you hover over an address on an email message, the Outlook - OCS 2007 R2 integration displays incorrect user contact information. In this particular case, popup shows previous title of the user. The GAL is showing latest info.

  • Contact Linking in Outlook 2007 (and up)

    How to enable Contact Linking in Outlook 2007 and create new appointments with contacts.

  • Contacts and Instant Search

    When Outlook's Instant Search is not working as expected, you may need to rebuild the search index. I'll show you how.

  • Contacts are Grouping in Two Groups of (none)

    We occasionally get complaints from people who are using a group by view on Contacts and they have two groups of "(none)", often when grouping by Company or Country...

  • Contacts are missing when you click the To button

    If you have Contacts in Microsoft Outlook's Contacts folder but they are not accessible when you click on the To button, check these settings: Are you using the "wrong"...

  • Contacts are not available in Windows Fax & Scan

    Problem: When you use Windows 64-bit Fax and Scan application, Outlook’s contacts are not available. Cause: This is because Outlook is a 32-bit application and runs on a WOW...

  • Contacts with more than three email addresses?

    Microsoft Outlook (every version) has just three address fields. Some users need more fields: Email addresses are used for more than sending emails. They are also used by the...

  • Control the Order of Address Books in the Show Names From List

    How to change the order of your address lists (Contact folders) in the Show Name from list.

  • Coordinating Contacts and the Personal Address Book

    Note that the Personal Address Book service is not available in Microsoft Outlook 2010; if you still use a PAB you will need to import it into Outlook's Contacts...

  • Copy a Contact's Mailing Address

    Use a macro to copy a Contact's name and mailing address block to use in another program.

  • Create a new meeting with Outlook Contact

    Applies to: Microsoft Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 An Outlook user had this question: I upgraded to Outlook 2007 & I'm missing a feature that was in Outlook...

  • Creating Distribution Lists from Address Lists

    Create an Outlook Contact Group from a list of addresses using only copy and paste. No need to create contacts for the addresses first.

  • Display Public Folder and Other Contacts in the Address Book

    How to display Microsoft Exchange server Public folders and shared Contact folders as Outlook Address Books.

  • Enabling the Contacts Folder as an Address Book

    How to enable your Outlook contacts folders as address books, so it is available when you click the To button when composing email.

  • Find the Distribution Lists a Contact Belongs to

    How to use VBA to create a list of the distribution lists (contact groups) your Outlook Contacts belong to.

  • Format Contact phone numbers to use with Skype

    Use a macro to add your country code to Outlook contacts for dialing in Skype.

  • Help! My Contacts are being updated!

    When Contacts are automatically updated, you need to check the settings in Outlook's Social Connector, which has automatic updates of contacts enabled by default. A change log is added to notes so you know what was changed.

  • How to Change the Mapping Service used by Outlook's Map Link

    How to change the Map service that Outlook uses for the MapIt feature in Outlook Contacts to use your favorite map website.

  • How to Forward a Distribution list

    How to forward an Outlook Contact Group (distribution list). When you forward the list in Internet Format, a text file containing a list of members. T he recipient can copy the member list from the text file and create their won contact group.

  • How to Print an Exchange Distribution List

    Many thanks to Hernan Cibello for this tip, originally used with Exchange 5.5 and Outlook 2000. With later versions of Exchange and Outlook, you need to add the distribution...

  • How to Print Outlook Address Books

    The following methods are marked to indicate whether they are appropriate for the Personal Address Book (PAB), Contacts folders in the Outlook Address Book (OAB) or Microsoft Exchange Server Global Address List (GAL). In many cases, the techniques used for printing can also be adapted to exporting.

  • Import a distribution list from the PAB

    Please note that personal address book (PAB) was deprecated, beginning with Outlook 2002, and their use is not supported in Outlook 2010. We highly recommend that anyone who still...

  • Import vCards into Outlook

    Methods and utilities used to import vCards in to Microsoft Outlook.

  • Inserting Addresses into Word Documents

    How to use the Insert Address command to insert information from the Address Book in Microsoft Word documents.

  • Keep Outlook from putting the wrong country in new addresses

    How to change the default country Outlook assigns to new contacts. I also show you how to update the country used with existing contacts.

  • Let Outlook decide the best message format to use

    A contact in Microsoft Outlook can have up to three e-mail addresses and for each address, you can select the format that Outlook should use for sending e-mails. Your...

  • Macro to Swap First and Last Name Fields

    Outlook lets you set the default full name order in Options. You can choose between 'First (Middle) Last' or 'Last First' (no comma separator), as well as 'First Last1...

  • Mail Merge to Email using an Outlook Macro

    Use an Outlook macro and a Word document containing merge fields to mail merge to email. You can even add an attachment to the message before sending.

  • Make the Address Book show only e-mail addresses, not fax numbers

    Outlook includes fax numbers in the address book because they are valid electronic addresses. You can hide fax numbers from the address book by using a macro or an addin.

  • One or more members of this contact group cannot be found

    How to fix shared contact groups that error with "One or more members of this contact group cannot be found."

  • Outlook 2013's Linked Contacts

    Outlook 2013 has a neat feature where all contacts for a person are linked together and the aggregate data from all of the linked contacts is displayed on a contact card, with the source of the data listed on the contact card.

  • Outlook Address Book Search Order

    When Outlook resolves email addresses, it searches your address book for potential matches, checking each address list until it finds at least one match, then it stops when it reaches the end of that list. You can change the order Outlook searches the address lists.

  • Outlook and Exchange Distribution Lists

    A distribution list is a group of e-mail addresses, usually grouped under a single e-mail address. When you send to a distribution list, you’re really sending to everyone whose...

  • Outlook Connector Contact Sync Bug (Fixed)

    The Outlook Connector Contact Sync Bug is fixed. Hotmail deployed the fix to their servers the week of Sept 15 2011 and Contact Sync is functional again. There may...

  • Outlook Contact & Address Book Options

    Microsoft Outlook stores Contact and Address book options in three different locations. These settings control which Contacts folders Outlook uses as address books, the order Outlook searches for addresses, and which address book is used as the default when you click the To button.

  • Outlook Contacts, Address Book, and Autocomplete

    Understanding the difference between Outlook's Contacts, the Outlook Address Book, and the Autocomplete list.

  • Print Contacts and Contact Photos

    Use VBA to create a Word document containing the selected contact's name, address, phone number and contact photo.

  • Print Outlook Business Card Images

    Use this macro to create and print a Microsoft Word document containing Outlook's business cards. The macro saves the card as a jpg image then inserts it into a...

  • Print Outlook's Business Cards

    How to copy or print Outlook's Business card images.

  • Printing Labels or Envelopes for Contacts

    How to use Microsoft Word to print labels and envelopes in several different ways, including mail merge. A mail merge using Outlook and Word can handle not just built-in fields, but also custom fields added to Contact items.

  • Select a name in a Word document then create a Contact

    How to use a macro to capture a name and email address in a Word document (such as a resume) and create a contact for that person.

  • Send email to all addresses for one Contact

    How to send an email message to all addresses assigned to a Microsoft Outlook contact.

  • Sharing Distribution Lists

    How to share distribution list (contact groups) with other users, or why it's problematic to share them.

  • Show the Home Address on a Contact Form by Default

    How to customize Outlook Contacts so that the Home address is the default address for all new contacts.

  • Start a Word letter from an Outlook contact

    How to incorporate Outlook data into a Word letter, using built-in methods, VBA code, or a third-party tool.

  • The Clipboard is cleared when opening a Contact

    When you open a Contact form, all data on the clipboard is cleared. If you look at the Office clipboard, you might see some icons in the clipboard, ahead...

  • To calculate the age of an Outlook contact

    How to calculate the age of a contact and display it in the view or on the contact form.

  • To get rid of the (E-mail) and (Business Fax) labels in Outlook addresses

    These labels are no longer used in current versions of Outlook. One of these labels appears in the address if you select the name from the Contacts list in...

  • To Link an Outlook Item to a Contact

    Beginning with Microsoft Outlook 2000, linking between Contacts and other items in improved – you can link contacts using the Contact linking field and don’t need to insert shortcuts...

  • To Share Contacts between Outlook and Outlook Express

    In certain configurations, Microsoft Outlook can expose data in the Contacts folder to the Windows Address Book (WAB) that Outlook Express uses. In effect, this means that Outlook and Outlook Express are sharing the contacts. Creating a new contact in the WAB actually creates a new contact in the Outlook Contacts folder.

  • Understanding Outlook's new Contact Cards

    Outlook 2013's Contacts have a new default view called People and a new Contact Cards.

  • Using Categories for Dynamic Distribution Lists

    To use categories to create a dynamic distribution list, switch to the By Category view then select the category group you want to send a message to. You can...

  • Using Large Distribution Lists

    My mail provider allows me to use distribution lists with up to 500 members but when I use Outlook 2007, I can only send to about 100 people. Is...

  • Using VBA to Change Business Card Image & Layout

    While you can create a custom form that will apply to all new contacts, the business card image on existing contacts won't be updated. This is to preserve any business cards you may have already updated. If you really want to update the business card image on your contacts, you can use VBA to quickly make the change. We have code samples to change both the card image and the layout with BusinessCardLayoutXml.

  • Why both Contacts and Personal Address Book?

    Outlook has a confusing array of address books - the Personal Address Book (PAB), the Outlook Address book, and Contacts. If you use Exchange Server, you'll have an address book called the GAL (Global Address book).

  • Why is there a leading dash in the business card view?

    Outlook users are a great source of interesting and unusual problems to solve, like the problem in this question: "Some of my contacts have a dash (-) showing in...

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