Create appointments using spreadsheet data

Use an Excel macro to create appointments in subcalendars in Outlook. To use, type the appointment data, including the calendar name, into the spreadsheet then run the macro. The macro creates appointments in the correct calendar folder.

Adjusting Outlook's Zoom setting in Email

I get quite a few complaints from people who say their fonts are tiny (or huge) or the font used for the reply shrinks yet Microsoft Outlook shows they are using a normal size font (such as 10 or 12 pt). I'll show you how to fix it. I also have a macro that will set the zoom level for you.

Macro to Swap First and Last Name Fields

Outlook lets you set the default full name order in Options. You can choose between 'First (Middle) Last' or 'Last First' (no comma separator), as well as 'First Last1 Last2'. The traditional format of 'Last, First', with a comma separator, is also supported by default. Outlook is smart enough to properly assign the names to  

Bulk Change File As Format for Contacts

Outlook Contacts offer a number of File As formats and this format can be used for the contact's name display in the Address Book. If you want to change the FileAs format on all of your contacts at once, you can use VBA. Complete, ready-to-use code is available.

Automatically Create Contacts From Messages

This macro will go through the messages in a folder and create a contact for each sender A user needed to solve this problem: My contact list on a prior system was deleted. I imported all of my emails into my new Microsoft Outlook 2003 but going through all the emails individually to add contacts