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This week's Exchange question comes from an administrator with a question about autoreplies:

We are running exchange 2010 sp3 and have a policy enforcing no OOF externally which has been set at the remote domain. Is there a way to exempt certain individuals from this, allowing them to send OOF externally?

You can allow Out of Office replies by domain, by adding remote domains for specific domains and/or you can use the Set-Mailbox cmdlet to allow (or block) users or groups from sending out of office replies externally.

Use the ExternalOofOptions parameter in the Set-Mailbox cmdlet to allow specified users to send OOF to external addresses.

Set-Mailbox -Identity John -ExternalOofOptions External

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For more Set-Mailbox parameters, see Set-Mailbox at TechNet.


  1. dan says

    Is it possible to edit the OOF subject?
    I tried using OOF rule with template but it keep alert me to add body text for external domains.

    Also is it possible to enable Auto reply messages (server rule) for a specific user? and keep the Automatic Replies check box you shown here off?

    Basically I’m trying to create an auto response for external domain email with custom message.


    • Diane Poremsky says

      Click Add Rule in the OOF dialog. If you have external users enabled for oof, you need add text for that field - if Exchange 2007 doesn't support different OOF for internal and external, then you'll need to put something in the body.

  2. dan says

    Is it possible to allow Auto reply messages (server rule) for a specific user instead of globally?

    Is the command ExternalOOFOptions External effect only OOF dialog messages?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      What version of Exchange? It's all or nothing but recipient domain but you might be able to use transport rules to drop the oof except when from one person or group. (I can check in the morning.)

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